Georgia Tech Uses Kinect to Aid in Physical Therapy for Children

When it comes to physical therapy for children with motor skill impairments, the tools available right now are helpful but also are somewhat limited.

Georgia Tech’s Human Automation Systems Lab is looking to change that by making a tool that has thus far shown great results.  It consists of two items already in a large amount of homes, Microsoft Kinect and a display of some sort.  This new system, dubbed the SuperPop Project, is especially helpful with children with cerebral palsy.  This system, which the kids see as a game, actually helps build their upper arm motor function.

SuperPop is totally customizable by the therapist and tailored for each individual child.  While the child plays, the software will track the user’s joints and collect the data for later analyzing for progress.

This system could turn out to be revolutionary in the world of therapy and could do wonders for the general well being of the patients.

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