Walmart and Target to Offer Bargains on Apple Products Starting Next Week

Looking for a bargain on an iPhone or iPad for the holidays?  Walmart has announced plans to reduce its prices on Apple products for the season.

They are announcing a 16GB iPhone 5 for only $127 beginning December 17th. Walmart also plans to cut the iPhone 4S from $89.97 down to a bargain $47.00 with 2 year agreement.

Don’t worry, Apple’s iPad is getting in on the love as well. Included are plans to slash the iPad $100 from $499 to $399. Even better, it includes a $30 iTunes gift card with purchase.  These deals are only available in-store.

Additionally, target will offer a bargain for Virgin Mobile Prepaid users, with the 16GB iPhone 4S on sale in store for $399.99 beginning December 16th.

If you are planning to upgrade your phone yourself or buy one for a friend or loved one, these are deals that can’t be ignored.

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  1. does this go for the ipods as well??????? I just bought an ipod yesterday, I need to know so I can return it..

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