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Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Arrives Today for Verizon Customers

Samsung Galaxy S3

While the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has had Jelly Bean for about three months, the same can’t be said for the United States. It took quite a bit longer in the States, but now every major carrier has Jelly Bean– Except Verizon. The good news is that Jelly Bean rolls out to the Verizon network starting today.

The software upgrade is listed as “JRO03L.I535VRBLK3″ and will in fact bring you Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and all the features that come with it such as Google Now. Verizon also brings new features to the phone that makes it ISIS-ready.

Other changes include improvements to the camera app with 11 new photo filters. Additionally, there is a new option that allows the phone to switch to a “global mode” that will allow it to operate on international carrier networks.

As with most Verizon updates, this will likely roll out in phases over a period of about a week. In other words, if you can’t pull the update down today, don’t panic.

There is no word when the rollout will start today, only that Verizon has confirmed it is coming for some lucky S3 owners today. Have any of our readers managed to get their hands on the update yet? If so, what do you think?

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  1. Is there any way to determine which phone company provides the most timely and consistent updates? AT&T seems to do a lot of updates, which keeps them relevant while building its 4G LTE network. I’ve got the service here in New York and it helps my graphics design work tremendously when it comes to sending large files quickly.

  2. No yet in argentina, Im wainting for it !!

  3. i have the update and my phone not workin at all whyyyyyyyyy

  4. Updated my s3 successfully, had to go to settings and pull it, but update successfully around 3:30 AM EST

  5. Got it in eastern panhandle of wv earlier this evening had to manually check for it.all i have to say it i love it theres nothing i dont like! Everything that was added has made the phone either more user friendly and or more customizable.

  6. Got the update here in California, lost the haptic feedback with the update?

  7. Got it …Central PA ….manually checked for update…Wooo Hooo!!!! its 4.1.1 not 4.1.2 …also it is not 40mb it is 400mb

  8. okay, I did not receive a notification but if I search for updates from “about phone”: “software updates” it is available. I am assuming I can go ahead and update even though i didn’t receive a notification. Phx

  9. I just update my Verizon Galaxy S3 minutes ago. I’m located at Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Finally after checking for updates every single day, twice and some times three time a day… Keep checking your phone…

  10. Got it. Dallas Texas.

  11. its in, for albany, ny 400mb! though

  12. Downloading in Phoenix, AZ 10:30 AM

  13. Just begin downloading new update, 12:10 PM, 12-14-2012, Cleveland, TN

  14. I just got it in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  15. Just got it now. 12:12 Rochester New York

  16. Mines down loading right now!

  17. I just got the update. In Iowa. 11:04 am.

  18. Maryland 11:55 and nothing.

  19. jellybeananticipation

    West coast nothing yet.

  20. Dallas, tx. 10:16 nothing yet.

  21. Nothing in Arkansas yet I just got my gs3 yesterday I traded for my htc resound for the GS 3 on a replacement phone. I can’t believe they let me but I pulled off and too find out we could jelly bean today I feel lucky. thanks Verizon lol lol lol

  22. 1052 and nothing yet.. I’m in the detroit metro area..
    I’ll do it manually via Kies if needed 😉

  23. Nothing yet on the west coast san Diego ca. 7:33 Am

  24. Mike Witkowski

    I’m in Rochester which is upstate NY, nothing here yet as of 10:36. Has anyone received the update yet? Anyone…?

  25. nothing yet at 10:33am east coast

  26. I keep checking for updates like every hour but nothing yet. I hope it comes in by the time I get home from work in 7 hours but I’m doubtful. I’m on the east coast and nothing as of 10:18 am

    • Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit until later in the day for the first phase. Again– not everyone will get in on the first phase, though.

      I wish that I had better news but Verizon isn’t exactly the best when it comes to updates (at least IMO). :)

  27. Nothing yet here in New York City, 10:17am

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