Jury Rules That Apple Infringes on Three Patents With the iPhone

Jury Rules That Apple Infringes on Three Patents With the iPhone


It seems that today Apple lost in an infringement case brought against them by patent-licensing firm MobileMedia Idea LLC.

MobileMedia actually sued Apple back in 2010, contending that it infringed on 18 patents for electronics, particularly dealing with things like screen rotation and call rejection. Eventually the list was brought down to just three remaining patents and today the courts deemed that Apple had in fact violated the remaining patents in the lawsuit.

What makes MobileMedia particularly interesting is that it is actually just a company owned by Sony and Nokia. The company is structured in a way that basically keeps Apple from counter-suing Nokia or Sony in the same lawsuit.

Judge Sue Robinson has yet to schedule a trial on the actual damages here, though MobileMedia Chief Executive Officer Larry Horn says they could be “substantial”.

What do you make of all of this? With every company suing each other, should patent law be handled differently than it is right now? Conversely, do you feel that Apple had it coming thanks to big lawsuits against companies like Samsung?

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