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Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 versus Galaxy S3

There has never been a greater time to buy a smartphone I’d wager. From Nokia to Samsung to Apple and even (surprisingly) LG– there is lot to love. When it comes to iconic smartphone leaders though, we still often hear the names Samsung and Apple come up.

This begs the question, which flagship device reigns supreme at the moment: The Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Apple iPhone 5? Honestly, they both have their positives and negatives. This article is less about declaring a winner and more about just pointing out the overall hardware differences.

Let’s jump in and take a look:


When it comes to processing power, there are two different versions of the Galaxy S3. The international has a quad-core, the US version has a dual-core. As for the iPhone? It is a dual-core device in all markets.

So how much difference does all that make? Less then you would think. With the US version of the S3, you get more RAM to make up for less cores. When comparing either version of the S3 to the iPhone 5, there isn’t a huge noticeable difference. Both swipe in and out of apps with relative ease. Both handle just about everything you throw at it.

As for battery life? Both perform about the same, though the iPhone 5 is said to last slightly longer.

As for other aspects like weight, the S3 is slightly heavier at 133g versus 116g for the iPhone 5, but you probably won’t feel the difference all that much. That said, the S3 has a much larger 4.8-inch screen.

Overall, the iPhone 5 does benchmark higher than the S3. That said, benchmarks don’t mean that much when it comes to everyday performance. Removing factors like OS preference, weight and size preference: these two phones both are rock solid. You won’t have to worry about the phone not handling apps or glitching. You won’t find either to be slow.


This probably plays a lot into preference as well. The iPhone 5 has a glass and aluminum design that is admittedly quite attractive. Still, the Galaxy S3’s plastic body still manages a very premium look. The 4.8-inch screen on the front also adds to the appeal in design.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Android versus iOS

In many ways it is hard to directly compare the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 because their ecosystems differ so much. They have different looks, different levels of customization, etc.

To put it simply, figure out what OS matches your tastes.

Reasons for iOS: Most users that go with iOS laud it with praise for being simple, easy to use and highly secure. Apple fans say it just works, without all the extra effort. Apple’s AppStore is also known for having more apps, particularly paid apps.

Reasons for Android: Android users like that the OS is customizable on just about every level and that it has more free apps. Additionally you aren’t locked down to just one app store.


While this varies based on carriers and where you are in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is generally a little bit cheaper than the iPhone 5. Without any special deals going on, Verizon currently prices both handsets for $199 with two year contract. That said, the S3 often goes for less during special promotions.

When it comes to buying without contract, unlocked? You can find the S3 for cheaper as well.

Apple iPhone 5


When it comes to “versus” articles, there is probably nothing more dissatisfying for a reader than to hear a draw. I know that fans of one phone or the other won’t probably like to hear this– but it is really hard to say one is better than the other.

If you like the openess of Android, the S3 wins.

If you want the neat tidy Apple experience and don’t mind being a bit locked down, you get an iPhone 5.

There are other considerations to factor in as well– such as opinion regarding the company. Some people don’t like Apple, they feel that the company is unfair and overpiced. Some also feel the same about Samsung, and feels that it copies companies like Apple and profits off of it.

Instead of us declaring a winner, we want to leave this to our readers. We invite you to comment below with which phone you think is better, and why.

Please try and be respectful of others opinions. Honestly, both phones are great in their own ways.



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  1. I have a S3 and recently downloaded updates. Since then my battery will not fully charge past 94%. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. wow i still cant choose i love the iphone 5 design i love the ITUNES AND APP STORE retina display etc… but i also really really love the galaxy S3’s features sure its big google play has become more advanced and the thought that i can only choose 1 is a nightmare… i need someone to get me one pro that can make me choose

  3. Jailbroken iPhone 5 > Rooted S3

    Most of you never used to iPhone 5. I see most of you have 4’s and not a 5.

  4. Neither wins Samsung make cheap plastic toys,with horrible displays,Apple is overpriced stale ios,and need to get with the times,i will take my HTC Droid DNA anyday.

  5. I personally own the iphone 5 and love it. It has a smooth operating system, which I find is faster and not as sketchy as the S3. I also find that I like the camera much more, and it is not near as grainy looking as the galaxy’s camera. And for a person that likes to text (I sure do), I also like the iphone 5’s keyboard more because I can type with few mistakes. Overall, I am an iphone fan through and through.

  6. Iphone5 says popular just Americans, but samsung galaxy s3 says world,its work.

  7. Which one is better? Easy to answer! The galaxy s3! Why? Well when I transfer movies to a phone do I want them to convert them in mp4? Noop do I have time to put them in iTunes? Noop

  8. Got very very serious issue with battery life of S3 . Even after charging it to the max, hardly I can watch couple of video songs and attend 3 to 4 phone calls . Even after installing all the battery saving options its one n the same. When it come to battery life definitely Iphone wins.

  9. This sounds like Apple versus Microsoft all over again. And we know how that turned out.

  10. I have always had an iPhone since it first came out, till now, I was divided between the s3 and the iPhone 5, I did a lot of research and I got the s3, well am not sorry, I love my s3 I play with it like I never did with my iPhone 4S, still have all my music transfer to my s3 and I love the big screen to search the net when am out. I don’t think I’ll go back iPhone again, am even thinking on changing my iPad, that’s how much I like this s3. You can do a lot with it, and to be honest a was a bit bored of the same as apple hasn’t change that much.

  11. Wow! Samsung must pay lots of money to people writting comments! Gs3 is just a phone that runs on Google software. The minute Google comes out with their own phone you won’t have the same functionality. Also one day it’s $199 the other day $99. This is not good marketing and what’s the true market value? I sold my iphone 4 for 299 2 years later! I bet you 2 years from now GS3 will be given for free because Google X would only have top features. All I can see Samsung doing is paying settlements to Apple and then going after Google for not providing updates to Samsung products. Without Android this device is useless. Also the security on Android marketplace is a joke. I wouldn’t trust my business emails to an Androod phone just yet. Google is a great company that can compete with Apple but Jobs did an excellent job in locking the Apple ecosystem from potential threats. Gs3 can become easily a zombie sending junk mail google it and you’ll see.

  12. I like S3 and iPhone 5

    Also, while the Android does have many more free apps than the App Store on iPhone, how many of them are quality apps? My Dad’s old S1 got malware because he downloaded a few free apps.

  13. I like S3 and iPhone 5

    I think they are both equally as great as each other, although I am leaning towards the S3 for functionality and everything else except the Google Play Store. Give me Infinity Blade and other games like Real Racing 3 that will actually benefit the Quad Core processor and I’ll never look back at Apple as the App Store is the only reason I have an iPhone over a Galaxy or HTC phone. I do like how my iPhone 4S works with my computer and iPod Touch though.

  14. Just bought S111. Was considering i5 because of problems with S11. Glad I Istayed with S111. All bugs worked out. Swipe text is awesome

  15. I’ve owned an iPhone 2, 3, 3Gs and 4s, now i have an iPhone 5. After all these years I still don’t see the point in swiching to Android. The only complaint I’ve ever had with Apple smartphones is battery life, especially with the 4s and that’s actually the reason why I eventually got a 5. Other than that, perfect for me.

    What I enjoy the most about Apple products is the way they operate so seamlessly together and since I also use an iMac a Macbook Pro and an iPad I appreciate such features as iCloud, iCloud tabs, etc. Which are great to use on a day to day basis, I can’t even imagine fitting an Android (or any other) device in my system.

    Maybe if I used my smartphone as a standalone device I would consider Android, but right now, no can do.

  16. Iphone wins in one very important category – texting. The accuracy on the S3/Android keyboard sucks and that’s why I returned it for the iPhone. I tried downloading several different SMS/texting interfaces in an ill-fated attempt to find one that works without me having to go back and retype every other word while texting. None worked as well as the iPhone’s keyboard. Both phones are very capable, the iPhone interface is still more refined.

    • you obviously didnt google it :L on the app store you will find no good keyboards, if you google it, you’ll get hundreds of accurate keyboards, i even run the iphone key board on my phone, took some searching but i got it.

      • Valentin Beres

        You should try the Windows Phone keyboard. My favorite of all. I’ve tried the 4s keyboard and the Android one. None hold a candle.

  17. S3 wins bcoz of the openess and the flexibility of markets. it also has much more free apps than Apple store

  18. siri, camera and sensitivity are all that make me crazy in iphone
    i don’t have to share my music with friends
    i don’t have to put out battery for memory.
    s3 has function that we don’t need
    So, iphone is good for we teenage people and s3 is better for our fathers

    • Well I for one like free music and free apps 😀 and i dont like paying hundreds to repair an iphone swollen battery, instead, if an android battery swells, i can pay 10 bucks online and just pop it in myself. And lets not forget that exapndable memory is a huge factor, i like to watch movies on the go, so i can bring a few SD cards along, instead of only being able to pack a few onto an iphone and change out when i get home. My sister got the Iphone 5 and returned it when i got the SIII. At first she was saying how its not as good, but once i showed her all this, she wanted one too

  19. the s3 wins i dont want to be on lock down i want to be able to get the apps i want from anywhere i want

  20. iPhone all the way I have 4s and they are amazing but the iPhone wins for me easy to use and faster Internet (3G) and the iPhone has better style

  21. iphone is waste and s3 is best

  22. My deciding factor comes down to call quality (background noise). The last two phones I’ve had, EVERYONE complains that they can’t hear me but can hear anything and everything going on in the background. I use my phone to answer forwarded calls from my job, so this is frustrating. So I’d like comparison from actual IPhone 5’s and the SGIII users.

  23. My wife has a G3 that she loves. I have the iphone 5 which I an more than happy with. It’s a great phone. I like my wife’s phone but I’m so used to my phone and the way it works that its hard to use her g3. I believe ultimately the choice lies in what is easier for the person using the phone. I don’t love apple and I hate the iTunes Store. But the phones are solid. My iphone 4 was completely submerged in water twice and it work for a year after that. My wife has sent her phone back to AT&T three times because it keeps dieing or clutching out in some form or another. Before I bought an iphone I ones a Samsung. It was ok but mostly felt like a cheap phone. I moved to apple and couldn’t be happier. Based on my wife’s experiences and my own I say buy apple. It’s just better. Customization means nothing compared to basic functionity. . One more thing a bigger screen in not nessicarly a better one. The. Retina display hands down beats the g3 screen. It is really no contest.

  24. I have an Iphone and my roomie has a Galaxy. On the Galaxy, the removable battery comes in handy when the system stops working and you need to reset everything so you can perform basic functions. I almost never have a problem operating the iphone but see the frustration of the Galaxy running out of battery power and problems just using the touchscreen. I am a fan of Apple computers for the same reason. They work while my PC is glitchy as heck. The plastic body feels cheap to me but that barely comes into play.

  25. i mostly use my phone to text and listen to music at work: can anyone tell me which of the i5 or s3 has better/louder/reliable speakers?? also if anyone used to have an iphone and has switched, which you thought easier and faster?

    • Go for S3 or better yet, try Samsung galaxy note 2. I have iPhone 4s and it is hard to transfer music file to it since you need iTunes, while in S3 or note 2, you can have 2 options in doing so, connect directly to any pc via cable and copy and paste the songs or use a micro sd and save your songs in it and insert it to the s3 or note 2. :)

  26. i dont know…am still thinking of which one to get

  27. Iphone 5 wins and this is why. The primary function of the phone is to communicate verbally. And the iphone does this with more ease. The clarity of the conversation is leap years ahead of the Samsung. The samsung is more clumsier in this department. I love both phones and carried two of them for a long time. I just couldn’t decide because they were both great. The larger screen is very important for me. But thats all the samsung had over the iphone 5.The free apps goes both ways. The app store leans slightly towards apple, not a biggy. The typing accuracy is much better on the iphone 5 and this is important. The usability due to size is much better on the iphone 5. The battery goes both ways.If your very busy the last thing you need is over custimisation. I just dont have the time for that. So i don’t give samsung anything for that. Life is way too fast and complicated and busy, for someone to tweak the experience to the infinite degree. I don’t lean towards apple and Iam not an apple fan. Its simply performs as a phone much more better. Removable battery, storage ..seriously who cares? More free apps , who cares? they both carry enough free apps.

    • that is the poorest attempt of promoting apple as a blatant fanboy, whilst trying to hide that you’re not a fan boy… “i carried two for a long time”..yeh sure we all do that! “The app store leans slightly towards apple” app store for apple is certainly not as good as the android.. removable battery, storage?? who cares? umm most people who want to be able to hold lots of readily available charge, and photos and music!!! My source – I work in a phone shop, and enjoy very much converting people from ip to s3. all i have to do is go into google apps, and filter reviews by users of identical handset and they’re blown away! Of course they’re never that happy when they realise the music they purchased through itunes is locked to their apple products.. apple do have nice phones, but their days of reign have been over ever since they refused to properly update their iphone 4. Iphone 4 was a sure-fire market winner, 4s?? I’m sure the s stands for “same”… or maybe siri ha what a joke.

      And seriously dude, if you want to know what the best handset is, look above your post…. let’s face it, the fanboys are dying out so quick that the last few remaining, such as yourself, are having to disguise themselves as otherwise 😉

  28. I have the GSIII and my wife has the iPhone 5. When we are sitting next to each other and geeking out, she watches me do something and asks, “How can I do that.” Most of the time she gets frustrated with all the process of accomplishing some tasks. They are both great phones and each person is going to have their own, “favorite.” Unless you have used both opinions do not matter. That is my opinion. ; P

  29. But am complicated in using s3 , pls text me some applications

  30. S3 is the best; I am now enjoyMing it.

  31. After having the iphone 4s for a year and a half it def wins over the galaxybi recently got. The keyboard sucks and apps on iphone are much better

    • You do know you can download hundreds of really good keyboards for android, right? not one just like iphone. In fact, you can get the iphone keyboard on your androoid phone.

  32. “As for battery life? Both perform about the same, though the iPhone 5 is said to last slightly longer.” Exactly who has said this? In a side by side web browsing test the S3 lasted 359 minutes the i5 lasted 200. Every user review I’ve read mirrors those test results. In reality the iPhone’s battery life sucks.

  33. its obvious the S3 wins… bigger screen, multitasking (like watching vids while surfing the web) removeable battery and sd card, relatively cheap, more free apps, not tied to one app store. some people argue “oh samsung took everything from iphone and is just trying to keep up.” maybe thats true. but samsung took some things from iphone and made them better than they were before. i use an S3 and its amazing. i recommend it to everyone!


  35. iPhone 5 all day MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

  36. Samsung Galaxy S III wins !!

  37. I’m an ‘droid girl who loves to personalize my phone in all directions to work with my independent business & techno-geek personality “needs” vs my simpleton husband who has an iPhone 4 and that fulfills his business needs and is very easy for him to handle! It’s just depending on what your needs are will answer which one works best for you.

  38. I like S3 because it has NFC enabled and I can use it to pay at shops instead of Credit cards, but look-wise Iphone 5 is better.

  39. The iPhone 4 is better than the S3 so the iPhone 5 is by far the best. I do have to congratulate google. Seven years of hard work is finally starting to pay off, your nearly a competitor of apple. And as for Samsung your well almost there, if only you came up with technology that doesn’t copy apple. You could always change the direction of the company. Smart phones might not be for everyone.

    • Sorry you chose to drink the apple kool aid. But s3 has twice the ram expandable memory and more free apps. And it has gorilla glass 2.0. What does the iphone have? Not a damn thing on samsung lol

    • If only you researched more of Apple’s history…you would understand that 95% of Job’s ideas and technology were stolen from other people or other companies. This is what makes it so ironic when Jobs would complain that others were “copying” him…given that most of his products were based on other’s ideas or technology. Read up rather than showing your ignorance.

    • Samsung supplies several parts that go into each iPhone. These Samsung parts actually comprise 26% of the iPhone’s components. So tell me again who is copying who?

  40. The S3 is a clear winner because of the bigger screen. I’m also allergic to all kinds of metals including aluminum. Plastic and plexaglass works great for me.

  41. my supported to Sgs3 better .

  42. While I have an iPod touch and enjoy the way it works I still say my S III wins hands down. First it has abilities that the iPhone doesn’t have and some abilities it had before. Apple still wants to stick with charging a hundred dollars to have more memory where the S III is a quick simple process with an inexpensive SD card. I think Apple will do well but I think some people will leave them as more storage space becomes needed.

  43. I had all the galaxy s phones from the galaxy s, galaxy s2 and now I have the S3 and galaxy note 19.q tablet. Samsung.rules


  45. I have galaxy 3 and girlfriend has I phone 5 , galaxy is better by miles in every way , so much so my girlfriend wants me to swap her , I said no way.

  46. Ive had an iphone 4 and got into some credit issues with atnt and dredid having to go to a droid phone. Got a galaxy s 3. Through t mobile and I cant belive all the stuff I can do with this phone and could not be happier. I love my gs3. Apple fan no more.

  47. Samsung galaxy S3

    S3 wins.. I’m using it since it came out and it works really great.. iphone sucks!

  48. Well i live in 3rd world country that mean we have limited tecnology wich Apple company don’t support u have to pay to register on z app store wich mean u can’t get even z free apps it’s not fare & there r alot of differnce in ios version in apps of iphone 3-4-5 etc and it makes u boring to update with every version every month so Hell ye i VOTE FOR GALAXY SIII with all it’s apps & the beuty of zat phone

  49. They’re both very nice devices. I like my S3 but like the iphone. 5’s fit & finish. Still, the S3’s extra features & price put it ahead of the iphone 5. Hard to have a phone with no upgradeable memory option or interchangeable battery.
    If the 5 had those it would be very hard to resist buying.

  50. The S voice does not come close to Siri.

  51. Romuald Biedron

    I have S3 my son has IPhone 5 so I had a chance to swap for 2 weeks our handsets. I found I phone 5 just to small being use to bigger screen on s3.Also free apps on Android are a better deal. Design f

  52. S3 is the phone I’m using now , I just can say it’s amazing the best phone I’ve ever used , one more thing is that I dashed my previous 4s to my driver. Thank u samsung will be waiting the s4 in april as promised.

  53. With the openess of, a variety of free apps and the wide screen s3 has i pr efer it to iphone5. I have used both phones both felt locked down and resteicted while using the iphone dough it mighth its more handy and portable

  54. I vote for the s3 I had a iPhone 4 before I switched to the s3 and the s3 is way more user friendly it has more apps a bigger screen more memory it is the best phone on the market hands down.

  55. The S3 without a doubt is the better phone I went from a iPhone 4 to the s3 ps3 has a larger screen and it’s less restrictive so far my dollar it’s the winner

  56. Me and my wife both own an S3 and both my kids have iphone. Yes its a divided house with 2 of each. I personally love the S3 and the kids love the iphone. I like the S3 mostly because i can expand the storage alot further than the iphone and i like the free apps that cost alot of times on iphone.

  57. When it’s comes onto International grounds the S3 is the best. I live in Ghana in west africa and using an iphone is very restrictive and not fun to use at all but the S3 is excellent with it’s flexibility and customization plus loads of free apps. S3 is undoubtedly the best phone on the market

  58. I personally think that the S3 wins without a doubt, I own a S3 device and its just a dream! It beats every Iphone out there.

  59. Added features of the SIII, removeable battery, extra storage with SD card, innovative technology features throughout, MUCH larger screen which is great for doing just about anything from surfing the net, to watching videos, to playing game … the only ones who say the iPhone 5 wins hands down are the iSheep Fanboys who will stand in line for days for any new iPhone no matter how trivial the changes are.

  60. S3 wins hands down that’s why is the number one device on the market.

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