New Google Drive Extension Allows Web Archiving and Image Storage

Google has just released a new extension for Chrome through its Chrome Web Store.  This new extension is called Google Drive.  It is a tool that allows users to capture and store web based content using none other than Google Drive.

Once on a webpage you want to save, you simply click the Google Drive icon and you can copy and save the webpage, it’s HTML code or a web archive.  Another cool feature is having the ability to right click on items and saving just those items to your Google Drive.   After upload, Google has new scrolling, % sizing and fit to page options for viewing.  You can also comment on specific areas of the pictures that you have uploaded to your Drive.

If you do a lot of snipping with Windows Snipping Tool, this is a big daddy option that provides you with the ability to do a bit more and keep it web based rather than filling your hard drive.

Can you see yourself using this extension?  What are some applications that you see yourself utilizing this for?

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