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Galaxy S4

Samsung CES Teaser Arrives, Alluding to Samsung Galaxy S4 or Something Else?

Galaxy S4

Samsung has now officially released a teaser trailer, saying that “Something New” is coming for CES 2013. Before you get too excited, odds are against this being the revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Why? For starters, the S4 would be an improvement, but not really something new.

Besides that, even though rumors claim CES or MWC as possible places to unveil the S4, it is more likely that Samsung will have an “UNPACKED” event that will specifically cover the Galaxy S4 when it launches in 2013. So if not the S4, what could it be?

While anything we say is simply wild speculation, there are some possible theories here. First, it could be something to do with their TV line up, maybe something along the lines of an UltraHD TV set? If it is a phone, it could be a 1080p smartphone that isn’t part of the existing Galaxy S line-up, perhaps something under a new name and brand? It could also be a new type of technology such as new demonstrations of flexible screens, maybe?

Then again, this could be simply the unveiling of Samsung’s new branding and image. For those that don’t know, Samsung is preparing a major brand overhaul, including changes to the logo as we know it, and much more. This teaser could simply be pointing to that and nothing more.

So what do you think Samsung plans to spring on us at CES 2013? A smartphone, new branding, a tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I think its wqhd series 9

  2. Second to last sentence below the video…PS4? Is that supposed to be GS4?

    • lol, yes… GS4 NOT PS4. But considering I already mentioned smartphone, I decided to remove it in an edit. Good catch. :)

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