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Microsoft Surface RT Coming to More Retail Stores “Within Days”

With the Microsoft Surface RT out on the market for over a month now, one can only wonder how many Surface’s were sold. Reports for Q4 range from under 500,000 to over 1 million. These numbers are minuscule compared to the iPad (1 million in the first 28 days) and still tiny compared to the Nexus 7 (around 1 million sold per month), but keep in mind that this a new ecosystem with a limited retail presence.

Right now, you can only find the Microsoft Surface RT online or at a Microsoft Retail store. Keep in mind, there are only 32 Microsoft Stores worldwide.

According to Windows IT Pro, Microsoft is bringing the Surface tablet to many more retail stores in America and across the globe very soon. Originally Microsoft had planned to up its retail presence sometime in early 2013, but now reports are coming in suggesting that they want to speed this up and expand to non-Microsoft retail environments in just a matter of days or a week at most. The idea here is that they will be able to get in on the last minute holiday shopping that takes place in early and mid-December.

With the addition of major retailers to the Surface distribution system, sales have the potential to increase. Furthermore, it would allow for prospective buyers to go and test the Surface before they shell out $500+. Personally, given that the iPad shares the same price tag, being able to try it out at Apple stores is a big advantage over the Surface tablet.

Do you think the Microsoft Surface Tablet lives up to its $500 price tag? Will or have you purchased a Surface Tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I bought this Surface as a kind of hybrid between my iPad2 and my Win7 home laptop simply because I need MS Office (on the fly between work and home) with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a tablet. I love my pad for normal emails and such as well as those hidden object games. It is vastly superior and has other great apps as well, but as an office machine, the Windows conflicts require too many workarounds, hence, needed something different. You MUST get the 64 as after getting home, the 32 after all updates and just Windows RT itself with no data left me with only 8GB, yes you read it correctly. MS should be taken to task over this, it is false advertising to say you get a 32 GB when you do not. It was swiftly returned for the 64 which left me with about 40GB after updates and I have used a couple in addition. I installed an 8GB microSD chip in the slot and got a 32GB RT-compatible flashdrive. I say that because my old Toshiba 8GB would not work, but hey, 8 for 32 trade on sale?, cool! It has had problems on other computers as well so not a real surprise. Something probably about the password protocol RT does not like.

    Hardware: Love it! Great look and feel and the 16:9 res is great. Great for office documents and some wider websites. The SD chip location, though, is bothersome as it is on the side and the USB felt a bit different but worked fine. I found I preferred the included 64’s keyboard rather than the click-key types which I returned with the 32. It works great and looks to be durable and minor splashes should not affect it since there are no spaces for liquid to penetrate. I loved its flatness as well as easy disembarkation. Better than my Apple keyboard for the Pad. Turn and flip is just wonderful! I like the internal keyboard, would love to have the hyphen on the front and use an inch or so less screen real estate. This one ups Apple by having the apostrophe’s on the front as I use a LOT of contractions, quotes, colons, and possessives. Sound not loud enough.

    Software: RT is great as you can go to the standard UI. Or you can stick to the Start menu system. I miss my start button on the standard UI. Questions:

    Why can you not search the Windows store for apps greater than ‘top 100’? Who says they are top? Why is there no way to list top-rated? Sad, the Apple Store recently upgraded is far superior. I had to Google for an app I needed. Why is an app so hard to move around, delete, or even resize the icon to just the smaller square. Why do I have to get apps that do what Windows does with right-click already? (Such as zipping files up) LOVED the Adera game, where is the rest? 😉 Where is Windows Media player on the toolbar, does it exist in there or do I have to buy an app?! Apple’s iPod much better. Websites play normally and well such as network shows and YouTube so video playback is nice.

    Conclusion: Hardware blows Apple away and software is blown away by Apple. Pyrrhic victory. Apple gets one, MS gets one, who will break the tie? Some things might be my familiarity.
    MS got sucker-punched with iPhone and Pad. MS weighed back in with hardware design, cute colors and interfaces and such and is just bigger and fatter so can absorb like a Sumo wrestler. Will the up-and-comer upstage him or fail? Stay tuned.

  2. Oh and one big grip about the Ipad, I hate how it organizes music files and movies. The Surface has a regular desktop you can store everything in regular files. That’s how it’s stored on my hard drive and that’s how it gets stored on my surface. Same o same o capiche?.

  3. I think the Surface is awesome. I like the longer screen for reading and movies. I use the usb port to connect my external hard drive. If I want to move files between devices, I just swipe between them (no need for a laptop or Itunes). I can run multiple apps on the screen at the same time (good for typing emails and referencing materials instead of going back and forth between pages.) I like the fact it’s not made of plastic and it’s still light. I like that I don’t need to convert my movie files to play them. Let see, kickstand, a keyboard that doesn’t require bluetooth and is super thin, Office and I can keep going but those are some of the main points.

  4. Still not available here in Hong Kong !!! I visited Sunning store and told that they don’t when it will be available….they expecting a good sales but consumers cannot reach their product. Microsoft should fire their sales manager.

  5. Still waiting for apps. Sitting around admiring the clever kickstand does nothing for me. Ditto the Surface Pro. I’ve invested lots of money in apps that run on XP. I couldn’t run them in Vista, but they ran in W7 XP mode.

    If I could find replacements, they would cost more than an Ultrabook running W7. Surface will not be an economic choice until it has an XP mode.

    No Surface RT this year. No Surface Pro next year unless it has XP mode. Maybe a Samsung Series 9 13 inch if my Lenovo S10 running XP bites the dust.

    There are some of us who just want a non-touchscreen compact portable under 3 lb with XP program support.

    Surface is close but no cigar.

    • The Surface Pro should run most of your XP aps, as it will have Win 8. I have Win 8 on my desktop PC now, and it seems to run all of my aps that I have on my Win 7 and XP machines at least all I have tried.

  6. I ordered a Surface RT (64gb model with touch keyboard) and received it when it first shipped from Microsoft so I have had it about a month now. I really like it so far, my impressionses:below>



    Like the hardware overall, everything just seems so well made and solid

    Screen is about the right size for a tablet I think, easy to read, plays videos well, and very clear for browsing, etc

    Love the way you can use it as a tablet, or use the integrated kickstand

    power connection (magmetic) is ok, but one small area Microsoft could improve, sometimes takes a second or two more to ‘lock in” than I would like, but certainly is ok

    video cams (has frontback) = EXCELLENT for Skyping

    touch keyboard, also very well done. For a hunt and peck type of guy, it is perfect. I originally thought before I received it, that I would probably need to buy the other keyboard, but after using the touch one, I see no need (for me)

    Like the fact that it has a standard USB port, I have used it for connecting to some old external USB storage drives on occassion, works perfect…..and the microSDXC port, I added a 32Gb one that I picked



    When i received my Surface RT, there were about 4200 aps available on the Microsoft Store for it, as of today, there are more than 13000, so the number has tripled in a month. Of course just like Apple and Google, more than 80% of the apps are junk. But I have been impressed with the overall growth in quality apps. The notable ones I have installed from the Microsoft store (and kept) since purchase include Netflix, Skype, Kindle, WiKipedia, ChessbyPost, Solitaire, Angry Birds Star wars, Fox News, Abc news, Google news reader, Weather Channel, Google search (although also like the included Bing), ESPN, and several tutorial aps

    Of course I REALLY like the included MS Office applications, as I especially use Excel and Word, and plan to use OneNote more.

    The ones NOT yet available that I would personally want are: E*trade, Fidelity although Etrade does have one for my Win Phone 8 that I also just also purchased. Would also like to see a quality FTP manager ap like Filezilla, but I am sure they will be coming

    As far as Win 8 RT OS, I generally really like it, seems intutitive, easy to use. Some really small gripes are: the method of “closing” an ap, by swiping from the top is sometimes hit or miss, ie sometimes need to do it several times, and I would really like an always present BACK method while in some aps. Like i said, this is a small gripe, and I hope MS improves it, but it does not stop me from using the Surface at all as everything else seems extremely well designed.

    I like the way the SEARCH works, it basically works at the context of the OS, and you can choose what you want to search.

    I have had no application crashes, just one lockup that I think was caused after I first installed a bunch of apps, and the system was busy updating itself (speaking of which that update process seems to work very well).

    Well that is my major points, I guess the only other thing is that I wish MS also had a 6 or 7″ version for $199 as I would have bought two of them for xmas gifts rather than the two Amazon Kindle HD fires I purchased for gifts this year. maybe next Xmas?

    • I hear next year Microsoft is coming out with a Surface 2 RT that’s 8 inches and it might have the next generation AMD arm processor, Temash.

  7. I just ordered one without ever having touched one. I knew I wanted Excel and a USB
    port, so I was willing to take a chance. I am disappointed that Microsoft has
    not done a better job of exposing the device to the public here in London, and
    perhaps just as importantly having knowledgeable company representatives
    explain the features and function of the device to people who are handling it
    for the first time. I think if I could have played with one earlier, then I
    would have bought it a month ago.

  8. I think this is going to be great for the Surface. I’m going to have to resist an impulse buy! Not that I don’t like the Surface. I’m more interested in the rumored 14′ model with a Haswell chip, if that’s in the cards. If they have the option for an i7 in there, that would be great.

  9. Having actually used one (my co-worker has one), I can say that Surface is a very good device and much better than iPad if you use Microsoft Office. As for me, I bought Lenovo Yoga 13 and love it. It is the best laptop/touch tablet device I have ever bought. My iPad is now owned by my 3-year old for playing kiddie games.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I really like the hardware. I have an Ipad, android tablet and a surface rt. There are some things I like about each. Most people talk about the app count, personally I find the quality of apps to be more important and this is where I think Windows 8 in general needs to mature. I have one app that by far looks better on an Ipad, however stinks on Surface and the vendor doesn’t have a clue. (Zinio) I think in general the “experience” is better in surface. So developers, please if your going to make an app, test the heck out of it.

  11. Personally, I am happy with it and think that price is a little to high for ANY piece of technology, buy if I were to spend it on anything it would be the surface.

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