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T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Data Plans with new GoSmart Mobile Prepaid Service

While T-Mobile already has a pretty decent prepaid service of their own, they now are hoping to switch things up a bit with an effort they call “GoSmart Mobile”. This prepaid-only network is all about unlimited options.

The base plan is $30 a month for unlimited talk and text. Need data but don’t care if it’s not exactly the fastest in the world? You can get unlimited talk, text and 2G data speeds for $35.

For those that need 3G speeds, it will set you back $45 for unlimited talk, text and 3G. Keep in mind that the 3G here isn’t truly “unlimited” despite their claims. You get 5GB of 3G each month, after that you go down to 2G for any additional usage.

Interestingly enough, GoSmart Mobile’s page bills the 3G service as “high speed”– not exactly what I’d use to describe 3G, maybe that’s just me. There are also a few interesting add-ons like international unlimited texting for $5, or unlimited calling and texting internationally to over 200 countries for just $10 a month more.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile effort, interested or not?

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  1. The absolute WORST customer service EVER! I have never had so much
    difficulty dealing with a company…in all my 33 years. If this is the
    way T-Mobile (GoSmart’s parent company) is now doing business, we are
    more than willing to pay more money for AT&T.

    If you want to
    keep your number (port your number over to them), GOOD LUCK! They’ve
    basically locked our number in limbo– they can’t release/cancel it, nor
    can they activate it. We have been working on it for WEEKS…
    absolutely deplorable customer service!


  2. For the same price you can get a T-Mobile sim on Straight Talk and get “4G” speed. Why settle for 3G ?

  3. High speed 3G? I don’t see that as high speed, so no thanks. I don’t really need some of the speeds I am seeing on Verizon LTE, but I cannot see trying to back to 3G. (Don’t get me wrong about my LTE comment because I do love the speed.) I stream music and podcasts, which 3G did not do so well.

  4. WalMart offers T-Mobile 4G monthly — 1st 5G at 4G, unlimited text & web, but only 100 min talk — for $30/month. What speed comes after the 1st 5G I don’t know. Cyber Monday I got Note 2 for $200 after rebate, with 2 yr plan. It is a lot better for me than S2 on prepaid and S3 on contract. Note 2 keyboard is great! Top row has all numbers and qwerty is below — no shifting to get numbers!

    • I am on the same plan it get throttled to about 60k its is almost unuasable after you go over 5gb, all there other plans are throttled at about 119k.

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