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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Factory Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Phablet for $350 Off

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Yes, I know that you can head on over to your wireless provider of choice and get a new smartphone for a reduced price when you sign on with a contract, but that’s just not suitable for some people. Some people prefer to have their phones unsubsidized and out of contractual obligations, so if you want a unlocked Galaxy Note 2, this is the deal for you.

As a quick refresher, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a great 5.55″ high resolution Super AMOLED display, quad core 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage, microSD expansion up to 64GB, 8MP camera with 1080p video recording, and that S Pen stylus that makes the “Note” series.

The unlocked version on sale here is the N7100. What this means is that it has quad-band GSM and quad-band HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100. Given this, it should be fully compatible with AT&T in the United States, as well as Rogers, Bell and Telus in Canada, among several other carriers around the world. The 3G will not work, though, with T-Mobile, Wind or Mobilicity.

The factory unlocked Galaxy Note 2 is on sale for $645 on Amazon, which is $355 (35%) off the list price of $999.99. You gotta pay for this kind of power, right!



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  1. Roberto Tomás

    That price is way high for this device. The AMOLED tech is among Samsung’s oldest in that device, and just around the corner is Youm (real cheap, high tech, plastic AMOLED).

    PS> since ces is just around the corner, I wish Samsung would simplify their line-up to:
    • 3.5″ phone for people under 1.6m
    • 4.5″ phone for the flagship
    • >5″ phone for people over ~1.85m

  2. C’mon! It is there for a while. Only dumb people will pay $999. Also it was offered for $200 on T-Mobile and for $170 on ATT. Choose some other topic to white about. Don’t spam!

    • Maybe with a 2 year contract and “early termination” fee after it is stolen. Tellya what, you send me 100 of them for 170 plus 100 profit for you and I will sell them for 400 all day long.

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