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HTC Butterfly

International HTC Deluxe to be Called HTC Butterfly Instead

HTC Butterfly

Not too long ago, HTC brought its J Butterfly over the United States in the form of the HTC Droid DNA. Shortly after, we received word that the rest of the world would likely see the device under the name HTC Deluxe. Now it seems that they have officially confirmed the global name will simply be the HTC Butterfly.

As expected, the HTC Butterfly features a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM. There is also 16GB of internal storage, microSD for expansion, a 2.1MP camera front cam, 8MP back cam and 2020 mAh battery.

It’s still unclear what markets will seen the international Butterfly, although rumors continue to suggest that China will see the device sometime next month.

Are you interested in the HTC Butterfly or not?

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  1. A Swiss HTC user

    Have an old htc desire and I am looking for a new phablet. Folowing the htc butterfly/dlx/deluxe since the release in japan and hoping the phone will be available in europe soon! This htc would be exactly what I need. But I agree with mr Realist – it is very dissapointing that htc does not come up with clear information (release dates). If htc waits to long I will decide for another phone and ( as I believe) many others too.

  2. Have the HTC Desire HD and loved it, ive been waiting for this phone since august, expected it before christmas, watched it turn up in Japan and then the States…contract up for renewal since september and frankly im now bored of waiting and will probably buy a different phone. HTC dropped the ball on this one thinking the UK should for some reason wait months for a phone available on other markets when there is the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 out in the UK (Neither of which i want) If the UK isnt important to HTC, then balls to them. Wife has already bought the S3, friends bought S3 or Note 2, so when this phone is released the sales will probably be poor as people already have phones and will have to wait 18 months for upgrades, by then the phones will be all different. Then HTC will again wonder why sales were poor…duh.

    • I to have the HTC Desire HD and love it. However at almost 2 years old I’ll be ready to move onto a new phone next year. The two I am keeping a very close eye on are the HTC Butterfly/Deluxe and the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m in the UK. A large screen 5″ or so is important to my want.

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