Looking for a Great Windows Phone 8 Handset? HTC 8X is Now...

Looking for a Great Windows Phone 8 Handset? HTC 8X is Now Just $.01


Looking for a great Windows Phone 8 device but don’t want to pay hardly anything to do it? Amazon Wireless is now offering the AT&T version of the HTC 8x for just $.01.  Cheaper than Verizon’s version selling for $99.99, but you’re then getting 16GB memory, rather than 8GB like the AT&T version.

This is a great choice if you aren’t 100% sold on the Nokia Lumia 920 but still want a high-end Windows Phone 8 handset. From a hardware perspective, it’s actually about on par with the Lumia 920 in many aspects– though the camera and screen in the 920 are still quite a bit more advanced.

So what’s the catch here? Besides signing up for a two year contract, there isn’t one. This deal will work both with upgrades and new customers. Hoenstly, for a premium Windows Phone 8 device, this is a steal.

What do you think, does the one-penny pricing from Amazon Wireless sway you over to the HTC 8X or not?

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