Apple Devices like the iPhone 5 are Officially Coming to T-Mobile in 2013

Always wanted to get an iPhone directly from T-Mobile? Until now, the carrier has been left in the dark when it comes to Apple’s popular smartphone, but no longer is this the case. T-Mobile and Apple have now entered into an agreement and will start selling iDevices through T-Mobile beginning next year.

We don’t know for sure when the iPhone is coming, other than we can expect in 2013. Considering that T-Mobile is planning an LTE service in 2013, they will likely arrive around the same time.

You  have to wonder at least a little why the iPhone is coming now. What has changed for T-Mobile and Apple to make this deal happen? Will T-Mobile roll out with the iPhone 5 or will Apple and T-Mobile hold off until the rumored summer launch of the iPhone 5S?

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