Video Teaser of Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Nokia Lumia 900

Building anticipation for the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 release, a video that appears to be an early release of the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on a Nokia Lumia 900 has been leaked.

While this is a very short clip, not showing all of the features of the new update, it appears to be very fast and smooth on the Lumia.  This update should be available to the general public in about 2 months.

While Windows Phone 7.8 isn’t as exciting as an upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 would have been, it’s still nice to see that Microsoft isn’t completely abandoning its Windows Phone 7 early adopters by giving them at least a few of the features from WP8.

Do you currently have a Windows Phone 7 handset, are you excited for the update or do you plan on getting a new smartphone soon, instead?

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  1. eckley1996 says:

    Not sure why so many are upset. I have Windows phone and am looking forward to the update. I know it is a little slow in coming, but it is on its way.
    Did anyone buy their windows 7.5 phone with a promise for an update to windows phone 8?….Don’t think so. I think people get worked up over the oddest things.

  2. AdWhois says:

    Yea it’s gonna be great, not that 7.5 isn’t already. I will say I’m very pissed if it really will be 2 months until we get the update. It’s not like we aren’t getting WP8 because we don’t want to, it’s because we’re stuck with our Lumia 900s for another year… Why they are punishing us for being their bread and butter I don’t know…

  3. mani says:

    this is bullshit.
    I would never ever opt for windows phone again.
    Feel pity about my sexy Nokia lumia 800.

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