Dad Builds Flying Drone to Track Kids on the Way to School


drone Dad Builds Flying Drone to Track Kids on the Way to School

Being a father isn’t easy. You want to be with your kids and keep them safe, but you need to know when to give them a little freedom and trust. Then there is also the matter of getting your daily dose of gadgets and hunter drones. It’s a tricky balance!

This was the dilemma Paul Wallich faced with his son, but rather than remain overly protective and personally walk him to the bus each morning, he chose the altogether more awesome option of building a quadcopter drone to track his son to ensure he kept out of trouble.

The full details of the quadcopter can be seen over at IEEE Spectrum, but basically the drone has been designed to lock on to a GPS tracker hidden in his son’s backpack. The drone then follows his son for a set distance ensuring he is safe before returning back to base.

Not only a great concept for keeping your kids safe, but also an excellent way to improve your child’s imagination, who can now walk to school pretending they are being chased by Terminator style robotic drones.

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