EnChroma Releases “Color Blindness Test” App for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire


cbt-640x312 EnChroma Releases "Color Blindness Test" App for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Did you know that 8% of men and about 1% of women have red-green color blindness? Did you know that there are an estimated 10 million Americans living with color vision deficiency (CVD)?

If you think that you have a color blindness and you want to find out the type and extent, this test is for you. EnChroma was founded in Berkeley, CA with the purpose of enhancing color vision in humans, particularly the color blind. Their online Color Blindness test was developed to measure the type and extent of color vision deficiency.

The test only takes 2-5 minutes and consists of a series of images, questions, and answers. Each image has either a square, circle, or diamond inside of a gray square. If you can tell which shape is in the image, you select it from the answers. If not, then you can click the nothing button.

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Are you colorblind? Did the app get your “color type” right? Let us know in the comments below.

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