Angry Birds Star Wars Planet Hoth Update Arrives

Angry Birds Star Wars Planet Hoth Update Arrives

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angry-birds-star-wars Angry Birds Star Wars Planet Hoth Update Arrives

Looking to get the most out of your Angry Birds Star Wars experience? A new update has now gone live that includes 20 new levels set on planet Hoth.

The new levels not only introduce icy planet action and AT&T walkers, the Princess Leia bird character is now a playable character as well. Leia adds a new ability, which shoots targeted pink lasers somewhat like Han Solo but hers spread outwards and can hit two targets at once.

So what do you have made your way through all 20 levels? Patiently wait for the 10 more that are currently marked as “coming soon”, that’s what. For those that need the reminder, Angry Birds Star Wars is available on a huge variety of platforms including iDevices, PC, Mac, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8/RT. Some of these platforms offer free basic versions, others will set you back a little. You can also check out our review if you aren’t sure if you want to put up the cash to snag a copy.

For those that already have the game, have you updated yet? What do you think of the new expanded levels?

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