Mugen Battery Pack Adds 6400mAh of Power to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Looking to dramatically expand the battery life in your new Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Thanks to the new Mugen Power battery you can now bring the battery up to an impressive 6400 mAh.

While the Note 2 already had a spacious 3100 mAh, the 6400 mAh is going to be especially useful for those that find themselves in situations where they either can’t charge very often or even for those that watch a lot of movies and other tasks that suck battery down quickly.

The Mugen battery features a new back cover and comes in white or gray to make sure your find one that matches your device. As for the price, it’s just $98.95, though it won’t start shipping until December 21st.

Any downsides to having a battery this big? Besides having to pay $100 to get it, there is likely going to be a noticeable amount of weight and bulk added to the phone. Enough weight to make any real difference for the average user? Probably not. What do you think?

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