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Android Tablets Might Dethrone the iPad as Early as Mid-2013, suggests ABI Research

The iPad might currently be on top when it comes to tablets, but things may be shifting quickly, according to a new ABI Research report. Back in 2011 Gartner had suggested that Android would hold a 38% share of the tablet market by 2015, but ABI says that things are now moving much quicker. The latest data suggests that Android accounted for an impressive 44 percent of all tablets shipped during the last quarter.

Sure, this might only speak for one quarter, but with continued competing products coming from B&N, Amazon and Google, change is clearly on the horizon. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire might be the leaders in this change, but they aren’t the only players that are shifting the game, and the new Samsung Nexus 10 will likely also play a key role.

So when do analysts think that Android might overtake Apple in the tablet market, if trends continue in Google’s favor? Perhaps as early as mid-2013, believe it or not.

What stands in Google’s way? Not only do they have strong competition from Apple, Microsoft is also in the game now with Windows 8. Android might have cost on its side, but it also is known for not having as many tablet-optimized apps as iOS. In the 7-inch market, Android also now has competition from the Apple iPad Mini. Still, it is hard to deny that Android is gaining major traction in the tablet market.

It does seem inevitable that iOS will eventually be dethroned by Android in the tablet world, but do you think it will happen as soon as mid-2013 or will it take longer?

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  1. It could be sooner. I saw many unknown Android brands on sale on black Friday weekend and they were flying off the shelves, and online as well. By the way, error on article – last sentence should read: ” iOS will eventually be dethroned by Android…”

    • lol, good catch, Blaise Che. Didn’t make much sense with its original wording. Fixed now. :)

      • Another Android tablet — The Novo 7 Legend also launched this week and is the first quality “$100 TABLET” available from any major brand, with many of the same features as the higher end Novo 7 Flame — TabletSprint also bundles with all tablets free 3G/4G wireless service with 500MB of free data every month with full internet access & VoIP voice calling.

    • –.

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