Windows Phone 8 Rebooting Bug Getting Fixed In December

Windows Phone 8 Rebooting Bug Getting Fixed In December


Windows Phone 8

Own a Windows Phone 8 handset and have had trouble with the “rebooting” bug? The good news is that Microsoft is now preparing to release a bug fix that will solve the problem.

According to a statement issued by Microsoft, the root of the random rebooting on both HTC and Nokia devices has been found. They hope to push an over-the-air update sometime in December that will address the issue. Microsoft doesn’t give a specific date, however.

Although Microsoft has figured out what is causing the problem with Windows Phone 8 and random rebooting, they certainly aren’t tell us what the issue is. Keep in mind that not everyone has reported this problem, as it seems to be a randomly occurring issue and in many cases might only happen once or twice a week.

Have you had the rebooting bug with your Windows Phone 8 smartphone or have you yet to run into the problem?

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