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Nokia Lumia 920 Continues To Sell Strong So Far

Earlier today we mentioned that Microsoft seems to be preparing for the building of its own Surface phone, which will be put together by Foxconn, or so rumors suggest. Should the Windows Phone 8 competition be worried? Possibly, but so far it seems that the Nokia Lumia 920 is building enough of a reputation that it should be safe at least.

According to Finnish retailer DNA, the demand for the Nokia Lumia 920 is the strongest ever seen for any Nokia phone in the last ten years. Quick sell-outs in Europe, the United States and elsewhere seem to echo the same sentiment. The flagship Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 really does seem to be a strong seller, even if we don’t have official numbers on how well it is actually doing. The good news is that a rumor helps fill in the blanks, as it is now being reported that 2.5 million units of the Lumia 920 were ordered, though the wording doesn’t necessarily mean that many devices are already in the hands of the consumer.

Bottom-line, for a brand new ecosystem, Windows Phone 8 is doing rather well for itself. Should Google and Apple be worried? While I have my doubts on that, RIM might want to make sure its launch of BB10 goes well if they hope to steal the third place spot from Microsoft at all. Of course older Windows Phone 7 Lumia devices sold reasonably well at first and then slowed down. Still, sales for the 920 seem much stronger than what previous WP7 handsets were bringing to the table.

What do you think? Have you got your hands on a new Windows Phone 8 device yet?   If not, check out Amazon’s deal for $70.

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  1. Got the Nokia 920 pre ordered. Just AMAZING! Love the low capability of the camera. Windows 8 is a fresh new look and customizable. Can’t wait to get the JBL Playup Portable Wireless Speaker and Surface Pro to compliment it. I highly recommend this phone if you are deciding between android, apple or Windows.

  2. Really liked my iPhone 4 but with my phone contract up for renewal, I went for the Lumia 920. For couple of days, I was wondering if this was a mistake because it is much wider than the iPhone and some of the stuff that I took for granted on the iPhone wasn’t there. However, I have gotten used to its size and there are apps from the store that replace what I miss (except the Visual Voicemail that my carrier doesn’t provide for Windows Phone).

    Browsing is fast and I can write emails quicker on the Lumia as the Word Flow works well. This is where the bigger screen really helps. Unlike one commenter, I find the phone earpiece loud and clear. I have also run conversations on speaker phone and the person on the other end has said they were not aware of it. However, the ringtone is too quiet because Windows Phone seems to only have one volume control for everything. This seems to me a big omission and one wonders how Microsoft could have got to version “8” of the software without multi-volume settings.

    I have always found photos from my iPhone 4 fine if the light is good (= bright sunny day) but disappointing for anything else. The Lumia 920 takes decent photos pretty well anywhere without flash (=evening indoors).

    Nokia Maps is not quite as good as Google Maps but you can use it even if you don’t have an Internet connection which is useful.

    So overall, WP8 is a nice change to iOS and don’t regret not getting an iPhone 5.

  3. I bought the Nokia Lumia 920 in Bellevue, Washington, the day it came out. I’m am utterly amazed at the quality of this phone! Between the hardware that Nokia has produced, and the quality of the Windows Phone 8 operating system, there is (in my opinion) no match currently available! No wonder the phone is selling out everywhere.

  4. LUMIA 920, best phone out there!

    Sold out everywhere (US, UK, AUSTRALIA< FRANCE, ITALY, FRANCE, etc.)!

    Its camera, city lens, maps, super sensitive screen, resolution, its image
    stabilization, low light performance, wireless charging, etc makes it just fabulous!

    Thanks Nokia! Great Job!

  5. just got my Lumia 920, upgraded from my WP7 Mozart, awesome phone, very happy!!

  6. The Lumia 920 is a great phone and Windows Phone 8 is fine too.

  7. I have the lumia 920 and it has a great build and interface. Two things bother me which may or may not have updates in the future.
    1. No customization for alerts/text sms is really a let down. (hopeful for an update)
    2. Voice out of the earpiece is really low. I can barely hear people on the phone with volume cranked all the way up.
    oh forgot one more i guess 3. There is no text under any facebook event info. It is literally blank for any event information so you have to guess what its about by the title.
    Other than that the phone is really fun and intuitive to use.

  8. This is a beautiful high quality device that does everything! I like my iPhone but this is a breath of fresh air. It’s no surprise that it is selling out at $99.99. This price won’t last long…

  9. Fantastic phone. I love Nokia phones I had a 5800 Symbian that was excellent then I switched to a W7.5 Lumia 800 (this was my favorite looked like the monolith in 2001) and just got myself a 920 which is spectacular in every way – the hardware and the software. My only nit is the size it is a tad larger of what I like. Regardless don’t walk, run and switch to the 920.

  10. Typing this on my Lumia 920, really like it. Was an iPhone user since the 2, daughter now has my “old” 4. So far I can do everything on the Lumia 920/WP8 that I could do with the iPhone/iOS6, including screen captures (power button + Windows button) and scrolling through running apps (hold down the “back” button and side-scrolling list appears). The Microsoft app store is very sparse compared to Apple’s, but that will change as more people buy into the WP8 ecosystem. I bought the Otterbox “Defender” case, but removed its transparent screen cover by peeling it from the inside front of the case before re-encasing the 920 with it, much nicer. Enjoying this phone.

  11. I have the NOKIA Lumia 920, and I LOVE it. Truly a state of the art device, top notch quality and overall, just super cool.

    WP8 is great, definitely a nice change from my old and lame iPhone. Could not be happier, it is no wonder the L920 is selling out around the world. Great job Nokia

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