Facebook Pushes Employees to Use Android

When recent Facebook app updates only came to the iPhone, some Android users started asking questions. If you look close enough, it’s not hard to notice the flaws of Facebook’s Android app. Just for starters, the entire app is just a webview of the touch website. The biased development of Facebook’s app may be due to the fact that Facebook primarily offers its employees iPhones.

Now, according to TechCrunch, Facebook’s HQ is flooded with posters asking its employees to switch to Android. Some of the posters talk about dogfooding (testing your own product), while others show the extreme projected growth of Android. Facebook recently released a big update to their Facebook SDK for Android. The third version of the SDK brings multiple pre-built views and tasks as well as better integration with the Facebook APIs.

The fact that Facebook has refreshed its developer tools for Android shows that they are turning their attention to the platform. Additionally, we should expect to see more updates to Facebook’s Android app soon. Recent updates have made the app faster and added various bug fixes and improvements.

One thing is clear, change is on the horizon at Facebook. Is it a wise move for Facebook to push Android adoption as opposed to alternative platforms like iOS and Windows Phone?

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  1. disqus_ckr7qVZNP0 says:

    now the fb app is really far better! web site is too slow , but needs more

  2. hector tamayo says:

    The app still sucks big time. So no they havent paid much attention to android. The writer of this article obviously doesn’t own a Android Device…….

  3. Dorje Sylas says:

    That’s just a failing of their development model. It shouldn’t matter what their employees are using as personal phones, they should have Dev phones for each of the major players and be using all three. Silly Facebook, just keep doing what your good at. Mainly wreaking people’s personal privacy and ignoring your own privacy settings.

  4. Well their current app on android is horrid! It is a total memory and battery hog. Very slow as well. Easier to use dolphin or some other browser then this pitiful excuse of an app!

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