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Apple Stops Using Samsung Batteries in the iPad and Macbooks

With the patent wars still going strong, tensions are high in technology land. Just two months after Apple walked away from the courtroom a billion dollars richer, the Silicon Valley giant is trying to further distance itself from Samsung.

In the past, Samsung was the main provider of MacBook and iPad batteries. Now, according to TechCrunch, Apple is switching to Chinese Companies Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. This isn’t stunning or even new for Apple. In fact, Apple chose to use LG displays on the new iPad mini instead of going with Samsung displays as it did on the regular iPads. Additionally, Apple axed YouTube and Google Maps from iOS6.

We have already seen shortages in Apple products due to the fact that they could not produce fast enough. Coincidentally, this year’s shortage was notably bad at the same time Apple switched off of Samsung displays. Therefore, this move away from Samsung batteries could lead to more shortages even in Apple computers. Now that Samsung has become a main competitor in the smartphone, tablet, and even computer markets, we might see continued partnerships but when possible the two companies will do their best to distance themselves from one another.

What do you think of this news, is it wise on Apple’s part to push further away from Samsung, or not?

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  1. That’s better. Concentrate more for home products, Samsung. Make the next galaxy can have 4 windows to make them have heart attack.

  2. I hope Apple company closes by next year. They are getting annoying as mosquitoes carrying malaria. If your company sucks, stop complaining and hire some real innovators to create something new instead of attacking your partner/supplier company. South Korea is releasing bendable screens (Samsung) by next year as well as Hydrogen Fuel Cars (Hyundai) and the fastest train on the planet soon to come. Why doesn’t Apple just go to Korea and hire people from there instead of crying because your competition makes better stuff. If not, change the damn education system and start hiring new, young and well educated teachers. Honestly, Apple has gone down the drain ever since Steve Jobbs and Wazniak passed. A bright future awaits Google and Microsoft… there is no light for Apple. God knows how the hell they won the first lawsuit, probably a rigged court ruling, possibly bought the jurors.

    • 1: Wozniak hasn’t died yet
      2: Apple never sued because a Korean company did something better, they sued because they copied their work. I don’t agree with the law-suit at all, but it’s important to know the difference.
      Also, Samsung does the same thing. They’ve sued Apple and multiple other companies, as has Motorola (owned by Google). All of silicon valley is doing it, it’s really annoying.

  3. Apple will lose more in the long run…idiots, the Android invasion, plague, virus, whatever u want to call it is beyond the control of apple now and they are grasping at anything.

  4. I hope Apple fails.

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