Move over Google TV and Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox Multimedia Box May Be In the Works


It seems that Apple TV and Google TV might be getting even more competition in the set-top box space. While this isn’t the first time that the web has gossiped about such a device from Microsoft, it now seems that more sources are coming out and saying that an Xbox Set-top box is in fact in the cards.

The idea is to create two different Xbox devices for announcement in 2013. The first will be a more traditional Xbox gaming system with multimedia functionality. The second will be a set-top box that plays a few casual Xbox Live type games and apps, but otherwise focuses entirely on multimedia.

If and when such a device arrives, don’t be surprised if it comes packed with the same core technology found in Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It might even have limited support for apps and a store of its own. Would you consider buying a Xbox-branded Microsoft multimedia box for your living room or not?

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