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Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors Continue, Any Truth to Them?

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors continue to light up the Internet. With the Galaxy S3 still quite young, not everyone is ready for a successor, but that doesn’t seem to stop rumors from swirling.

Putting together past rumors, we hear the phone will have a 1080p 4.99-inch display, a 13MP shooter and will be shown off either at MWC or even at CES. It is also believed the the S4 has a pentile display. What else do we think we know? An Exynos 5450 chipset is expected to come to the Galaxy S4, which means that there would be four Cortex-A15 2GHz cores. Sounds amazingly fast, but think about the battery demands for such speed.

If these rumors are even remotely correct, the first thing we will hear about is the announcement of the display at CES. At this time we may or may not actually see a glimpse of the S4. If everything is legit with the Galaxy S4 rumors, when can get our hands on it? It’s really hard to say, but if it was unveiled fully at CES it would likely ship sometime in the following few months.

For customers that already own a Samsung Galaxy S3, the prospect of their devices getting a replacement before they are even a year old probably isn’t a happy one. What do you think? Any truth to all this gossip or is it nothing but a baseless rumor? Honestly, I think there is a strong possibility that the display in the Galaxy S4 is in fact a 4.99-inch 1080p display. As for the rest of it? I’m not totally sure. Either way, I personally doubt we’ll see the S4 itself at CES, but perhaps we’ll at least see the rumored display. Either way, don’t get your hopes up. When Samsung ready to unveil the S4, they will. Until then, enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the many other great members of the Galaxy line.

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  1. If apple comes out with the 5s I wouldnt doubt Samsung comes out with the S4. Samsung will continue to produce iPhone killers.

  2. TM from Columbus OH ;)

    I love my S2 :) I really don’t like big phones because I have little hands ! But I hear that the S3 is amazing & yes it is KILLING THE IPHONE 😉 Most of my friends with the Iphone quickly switched to either the Galaxy S2 or the S3 when they heard about it. Im sure the S4 will be the bomb too `
    -TM <3

  3. I want a new phone for christmas. I have the original Galaxy Note, don’t know whether to get the Note 2 or not. And I don’t wanna get the S3, when the S4 is right around the corner ya know?

  4. I would be a happy one to get the s4 and so many others as well, i had enough fun with my s3 and starting to get bore now, i am sure sammy will launch the s4 sometime next year.

  5. Why would s3 owners be unhappy? Its a good device. I still use my s2 (with cfw) and its still perfectly awesome. I will be looking at the s4 next year.

  6. The rumours regarding the specs, display, etc. may or may not be true. But if you seriously think Samsung will reveal it at CES or even MWC lol…

    Samsung made it pretty clear that they want to make a fuss with the Galaxy S range when announcing the S3. They said they would only make official announcements when the phone is very close to launch date. And that is exactly what they didnfor the S3. It had its own launch evwnt and why shouldn’t it? Since it single handedly is destroying the iPhone. Anyway my point is, since Sammy made such a huge fuss about the S3, they are not going to take a step backwards and announce the S4 at events like CES or MWC. Whenever the S4 is released, it will most definitely be announced at its own unique event and only when the launch date is imminent, not months before.

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