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Windows Phone 8

Some Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8x Users Reporting Resetting and Battery Life Issues

Windows Phone 8

While new Windows Phone 8 devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 seem to be selling out at most retail and online locations, every launch has its problems.

For the iPhone 5 it was scratching, scuffing and Map-related issues. For the LG Nexus 4 it was a shortage of handsets and bugs with Android 4.2. So what’s about Windows Phone 8 devices? Apparently there have been user reports about rebooting and battery life issues with Nokia and HTC  Windows 8 handsets handsets. Although the resets don’t seem to be a common thing, they happen enough to be more than a little annoying.

As for the battery life? There are some reports suggesting that the battery life can sometimes be quite low, lasting well under a day. Keep in mind that there are users that battery life isn’t that bad for them at all, so results seem to vary. If your device seems to not be doing that great with battery life, it is recommended that you disable unused features and programs, such as tap + send NFC.

One last problem reported has to do with doing a hard-reset on a Nokia Lumia 920. Apparently there a number of users out there yhsy have attempted to hard-reset their devices and yet are finding that the device is permanently being locked up as a result. Luckily, Nokia seems to be working hard to replace units affected by the issue and hopefully a future update can resolve the problem. Not all Lumia 920 phones seem affected by this issue, either.

Launch problems with a new phone always tend to add to tensions between some Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS users– but let’s face the truth here: regardless of your preferred platform, having bugs and other early issues with a newly launched device tends to be a normal thing for many companies. It doesn’t seem matter which company is releasing the device, launches never go perfectly. The most important thing is how a company reacts to early issues as they arise.

How will Microsoft solve the battery and resetting problems here? It depends. If it is a hardware issue, there might not be much that can be done. At the same time, it is just as likely that this is an early software issue. If it is something within Windows Phone 8 that is causing the problems, Microsoft will likley be able to release a few software patches to help optimize the platform and prevent the claimed issues.

Do you own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone? Are you running into any of the issues being reported on the net or has your experience been problem free?

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  1. Same things happens to me> it will say my sim card is disconnected and my phone will turn off at the most random times. I’ll be waiting for a call and then realize that my phone turned off by itself. It’s ridiculous!

  2. I am experiencing two issues. One is I’m getting a SIM card error, which means I have to turn my phone off to reset it. The other is the phone will just all of a sudden power off by itself randomly. Someone else told me they too were experiencing these and it’s only happened in the last 3 months. Anyone know the cause?

  3. Santosh Sharma

    I am also facing annoying reset issue making the phone useless and there is no way to even turn off the HTC 8x phone to avoid this annoyance – it keeps vibrating on startup and flashing extra bright startup screen in infinite loop. This issue is so annoying it is actually testing my patience to its extreme limit – somehow i am controlling myself from anger of throwing out this phone.

    And, this infinite reset is not just the only issue. There are two more i have noticed.

    Second issue is – at any moment it starts showing invalid SIM error that goes off automatically after a couple of restart or sometimes just in few minutes. This issue occurred for me even while in middle of call and when that happens it leaves me in very embarrassing situation and then i had to apologize to other party for abrupt disconnect without any reason.

    Third issue is – at any moment Phone’s lock/unlock key may stop working. In that case there is no option to unlock the phone if i want to make a call. Luckly it provides option to receive incoming call and messages. One workaround of this issue is plug a power connector that presents option to unlock. Other workaround is to press camera key to activate the camera and then exit from camera app to make new calls.

    Overall, at this point of time Windows Phone 8 is not reliable. I am lucky that I have additional Android phone and iPhone that usually i carry along with me that help me survive during such issues.

  4. HTC 8s user – bootlooping and I cant fix it (hard reset not working – just bootlooping)

  5. Phone is great, software sucks, transfering Calendars from old phone is almost impossible. Microsoft forces you to use online sources such as skydrive etc and does not allow you to transfer between devices. Causing massive problems for people who rely on their calendars rendering the state of the art device as useful as a brick.

  6. i hav the HTC 8x and for some reason, my phone starts going hey-wire sometimes, it opens apps, and if the keybaord is open it presses keys without me doing it… Almost like the touch screen wants to do its own thing… Anyone have any idea of solving this?

  7. I have had lot of issues with 920. I have been using for more then 2 months now.
    Lock issues
    Context issues when switching apps ie when you play music switch to some other app and come back to the music you have to replay. Audio does not even forward.

  8. I have an HTC 8X. The problem is that when a calls comes in the phone vibrates just once and after that the ringtone starts playing. The vibration does not last simultaneously with the ringing. I missed a lot of calls because of this. One cannot hear the ringtone in a crowded area. Had the vibration been continuous it would’ve solved the problem. Does anybody have this issue and is there any way to solve it?

  9. my 8x has awful battery life… Unplugged from the charger two hours ago and its at 67%….

  10. turning off lte seems to solve the problem for now. Settings cellular highest data 3g

  11. I like the phone but have had problems. It seems to run fine all day but when I got to turn it on in the morning it is totally unresponsive!! I have done soft resets to fix the problems and eventually did a hard reset but I still ended up with the same issue!!! I had a previous Samsung Focus windows phone with NO problems. This is very frustrating and the phone is in for repairs. Sigh.

  12. this is my second lumia 920 i return the 1st one due to shutting off problem..AT&t exchange me for another lumia 920 afte few days it stars to shut off again and i need to do hard reset..Man I got late from work because of this issue my alarm did not go on because my nokia lumia 920 just shuts off by itslef and need to do the reset its very frustrating..I love this phone but man this makes me switch back to android phone..Thinking of getting HTC one x+ this week if nokia doesn’t have any solution to this problem..and never ever in my life will get nokia hand set again

  13. I had a 920 it froze on the Nokia start screen. Had it replaced and now my new one won’t turn on despite trying a hard reset :( cant decide wether to have another one or if the htc is any better ?

  14. Just hold the power button and the windows button for 5 secondes, it will restart afterwards

  15. Have had my Nokia 920 (red one) for two weeks, so far have not seen any rest issues, or battery life issues……really really like this phone!!! Nice to see Nokia come roaring back.
    Really like the included Nokia drive GPS turn by turn with Voice.
    I love the way all my email and facebook and other aps just worked when I logged in. I had been a happy user of Win 7x with the HTC HD7 for the last two years prior to this, so the transition was minor for me. It was also great that I sold my HD7 to someone for $100 which was a dollar more than the Nokia 920 2 year AT&T price, so was really painless upgrade.

  16. I have an HTC 8X and am experiencing the resetting issue. Hope it is resolved soon.

  17. Working like a charm. heavy usage, both mail and multimedia. Battery save on, nfc off, wifi on, blutooth on. Wonderful SO, love it more than Ios

  18. my calendar has numerous problems on the Nokia 920, data is missing and cannot be displayed on the daily view. I can see entries are present, but the monthly calendar is so small the font cannot be recognized. Battery life is relatively poor. Other than that, the phone is a rockstar.

  19. I have the HTC 8x and love the look of the new os , however the second day I had mine I woke up to it non responsive with a green charged light on, no hard off method would work so they gave me a new one, fingers crossed that this one has no issues,as I really like the phone

  20. htc 8x seems to reboot when its not in use couple times a day..other than that great phone

  21. I have a HTC 8X. I love the operating system on this phone. Battery life is fine, but the phone reboots about 4 times a day while I’m in the middle of something. Going to 02 tomorrow to see what’s being done about it.

  22. My iPhone 5 is ALIVE…… one minute and DIES the next. Had it now a little over a month and the anodizing is GONE around the chamfered edge. Hasn’t been dropped, but the back looks it’s been in a bar fight. Don’t understand the battery life being here today and gone tomorrow…. before it even gets here! :( ……..while my brother’s Nokia and my sister’s HTC just keep screaming along while looking Gorgeous still! ugh… and what’s the sense in using an aftermarket case? These other two don’t even need one!

  23. I had the HTC 8x until yesterday when it decided to die. When I mean Die, I mean It tries to boot up, goes to the splash screen for htc, then dies and vibrates. Boot loop much? Taking it to Verizon for a replacement tomorrow. Love the OS but this is ridiculous!

  24. My Lumia needs charging after about 8 hours or less. Seems to be getting shorter the longer I have it, I think that stinks. Should hold a charge much longer.

  25. My 920 didn’t last until 6pm after a full night charge at first until I deleted the Nokia Drive (Beta) app and disabled Bluetooth. Now, with the same usage, I’m down to 80% at 6pm…

  26. My htc8x works great no issues

  27. got my 920 on the Saturday after the day it rolled out. Ive been using it hard since and have zeroooooooooooo problem whatsoever. I can go on with one charge in a day and the phone is beautiful. Loving it.

    • “got my 920 on the Saturday after the day it rolled out. Ive been using it hard since and have zeroooooooooooo problem whatsoever”

      Cool, is that the WHOLE two days ???

  28. Love my 920! Zero negative issues to report.

  29. I solved the problem of a short battery life on my 920.

    I performed a reset of the device:

    From the home screen, swipe from right to left to bring up the list of apps. Scroll down and open Setting. Open “about” tab. At the very bottom tap “reset your phone”

    Since then, I have had zero problems.

    Short of this some people have reported the problem may be Nokia Drive+ Beta which uses GPS. If it is running in the background the GPS will drain the battery quickly. At the very least, people should turn off Nokia Drive+ Beta. Click on Settings. Under applications, click on Background Tasks. Disable Nokia Drive+ Beta from running in the background.

  30. I am on my 2nd 920. 1st battery lasted 4-5hrs and auto brightness did not work. Now the 2nd one lasted 6hrs and when I did a hard reset it hasn’t turned back on. Hopefully AT&T has more in stock or I am getting a galaxy note 2. Neverhad this issue with phones beforeand i was really looking forward to my 920 but its useless if i can’t use it and it won’t last me the whole day

  31. I just got the 8X on Wednesday and it seems to be working perfectly. No resets or software related issues and the battery life last all day with moderate use. I’m mostly on the phone and send a lot of emails for work but don’t stream videos. I’m really happy with the phone and once you get use to the UI you realize it’s more intuitive than apple or android.

  32. My Lumia 920 works fine. Turned on battery saver and everything works fine. I get a full day of moderate use out of my Lumia 920. I love it.

  33. Going to return my Nokia Lumia 920 tomorrow. It has the worst battery then any other smartphone I had and was done after 3-4 hours of use. Then you have the rebooting problem. I was thinking of switching to HTC 8X but my buddy is having the same issues. Going to stay with my android which I am sick of now.

  34. Going to return my HTC 8x as this phone has 4 hour tops of battery power and it reboots every few hours it seems. Im also have syncing issues as well. Wp8 is a garbage OS. Stay away from it. No wonder windows phone 7 was a flop.

  35. I had battery life and resetting issues with my Lumia 920 (Dev Kit-Build Conference) when I first got it. Reset almost every few hours. Battery life was around 4-5hrs too. Came close to returning it, the next day since I purchased it off eBay. However, I searched the internet and found out that some people resolved the resetting issue by simply factory resetting the phone. Tried it out and it hasn’t reset for an entire week now.
    I also resolved my battery life issue by turning off sound and/or vibrate on key press, set screen brightness to automatic, and batter saver to ON. Now I get 11-13hrs between charge with moderate usage (browsing internet, syncing three emails, 50 group mms text a day, and 4 to 5 ESPN highlight videos per day).
    Running on T-Mobile HSPA+.

    • Also, my wife dropped it pretty good from chest height yesterday. Left a sizeable dent on one corner, but not noticeable from far, since it’s black. Phone still works great, screen is still clean.

      My only complaint is no comprable apps for Google mail, drive, calendar and chat. But I guess that’s how it is when you switch to a competing system. At least they have good syncing to google mail, contacts, and calendar.

  36. Yup, I bought the HTC 8x couple days after it launched in UK. It seems to reboot once a week. Normally when I’m not even using the phone!

    • mine does not reboot by itself, mine does something stranger. a few times when i tried to turn the thing off it would reboot instead, even though i told it to just turn off. maybe it crashes while trying to turn off?

      battery life got a lot better when i uninstalled the HTC app.

      BTW, i have on HTC 8X on Verizon in the US.

    • After updated some days ago, my HTC 8X just keeps rebooting. I have tried the hard reset without any help. Any suggestions?

  37. I’ve Nokia Lumia 920. Battery statistics are inconsistent.

  38. The resets are very much a common thing, particularly with the htc 8x.

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