Rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Features 1080p Display, To Be Shown at CES?

A new rumor suggests that Samsung will be showing off a new 4.99-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at CES in January 2013. This is the same time that the company is expected to show off its new “global look”. Connecting the dots, it seems possible the new display could be meant for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Months ago, rumors claimed that the Galaxy S4 would emerge at MWC, though Samsung denied the rumors as baseless at the time. With a new 4.99-inch 1080p screen coming, several online publications are now suggesting that Samsung might be planning to arm its Galaxy S4 flagship phone with the new 1080p display.

Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean the overall dimensions of the phone would have to be much bigger. Honestly, if they make the bezel thin, it’s possible the display could fit into a chassis that isn’t much larger than the S3. Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 will actually be shown at CES? While its possible, don’t be surprised if we only hear about the display first. We might also learn that there was no truth to these claims at all. Until we have more definitive information, I’d take this rumor with a grain of salt.

What do you think about the idea of a 5-inch Samsung Galaxy S4?

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  1. Samantha says:

    I think it will be beautiful and hopefully it will be release sooner better or next year February 2013 as predicted ?
    With it’s large screen and rectangular shape compare to the S3 is perfect for me !

  2. Roberto Tomás says:

    This is only news if it is the quad core. A dual core would be Samsung treading water.
    Its not that you need a quad core. The dual cores are pushing quite enough compute. But you need the T658 GPU that (almost? or totally) competes with console graphics.

  3. greenlatin says:

    just hope the bezel is thin and they ease up on the touch wiz customizations. I like my android as stock as possible. Bezel will be very important in making a 5 inch device feel comfortable in hand.

  4. ender323 says:

    Fake! “Wipe screen to unlock?” FAIL.

  5. Allelujah says:

    wow, I love the square design of this thing. I know for a fact that it kicks Iphone’s butt, but I hope it has a removable battery and Micro SD card? I am so excited (^_^)/

  6. enzo says:

    Steel looking band around the side, white and steel finish on the back, where have we seen this before. #iPhone !

  7. tinkerbell says:

    if that phone comes out.. I want it .. yes ape design streak throug it with Galaxy android inside booooootifull. best of both worlds. must be tough like gs2 though

  8. James McDowell says:

    Those idiots are setting themselves up for another lawsuit. I looked at the picture, and immediately thought about the iPhone 5. Samsung is awesome, somebody please tell them not to screw this up.

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