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LG Nexus 4 Stock Update: Maybe in a Few Weeks?

Forget about ridiculously long lines outside Apple stores on a new iProduct’s release day, because the new Nexus range had sold out practically worldwide within an hour after the devices were available for purchase on the Play store website.

For those that didn’t get their hands on a new Nexus device and are not sure when they’ll next be in stock, Google hasn’t been too helpful here, and it seems they’re not quite certain themselves. A post on the new Nexus products page says:

There’s been so much interest for the Nexus lineup that we’ve sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries! We are working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand. You can learn more about Nexus devices and stay updated at play.google.com/nexus. 

While this is pretty vague, it’s clear that the LG Nexus 4 is generating more demand than Google had previously anticipated. The good news is that they will be stocking up soon, and if we’re lucky, we will still be able to get a handset before the holidays arrive. For those in the U.S., T-Mobile does have the Nexus 4 available on contract for $199. They also sell it off-contract, but at a price that is nearly double what it costs from the Google Play store.

For other countries, all you can really do is wait. If you are really desperate and have extra cash to burn, you could always hit Ebay, where some sellers have posted the popular Google Nexus 4 up for ridiculously high prices. Shockingly, many people are buying the Nexus 4 even at prices that are double or triple their actual worth.

Were you lucky enough to get the LG Nexus 4 or Samsung Nexus 10 from the Google Play store?



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  1. Ok people do a search and try to find a quad cpu cell phone, thats unlocked, that can charge without cables, has a 4.7 inch display, and gets google updates first, for $350 no contract. Why are you guys complaining. you should be happy that google is trying to put out a product like this at this price. This is the best deal you could possibly get on a phone like this. You should feel lucky you even got on the waiting list. Good luck finding a brand new phone with this kind of tech for $350 somewhere else.

  2. If you are going to compare this phone with lines for iPhones, you better be able to back it up with units sold. I would guess Google didn’t sell the millions that Apple does in a weekend… but nice try to make something look more appealing that it is.

    P.S. most of these are being resold on eBay. Kinda thinking people didn’t really want the phone, they just want to make a buck.

  3. I managed to stumble upon it as soon as google opened it up for sale. Spent 10 minutes fighting the site to put it in my cart (even at one point putting my credit information in before they booted me out again), and walked out empty handed. I guess I could have gone for the 8gb, but honestly I feel like the 16gb with no storage expansion is pushing it. It’s incredibly frustrating to hear it will be weeks until another release. I’ve been waiting a while for this phone, but part of me just wants to say screw it. What a disaster.

  4. Jeffrey Blattman

    any data on how many devices they actually sold? for all we know it could have been a few thousand.

    here’s how it works … google releases a few thousand devices in each market. headlines read “wildly popular nexus 4 sells out in minutes!!!”. desperate geeks gear up with their credit cards in hand for the release of the next batch.

    i mean really, how many could they have had to sell out in 5m? why not have pre-orders? what makes google completely incapable of estimating potential sales? why aren’t they taking back orders?

    not to mention the google play store experience. i had the device in my cart no less than 20x. it kept disappearing. error pages, blank pages. errors after pressing buy button 10+ times. really google?

    look at how apple does it. apple sells out sure, but they take every order and give a solid date when your item will ship. people don’t mind waiting as long as you tell them how long it’s going to be. google apparently has no idea when their supplier can deliver more units (note: that’s not possible, of course they know).

    • Apple makes 40% profit on every unit sold. So they go out of their way to capture every possible order…

      I do not know how much Google/LG will really profit in selling these powerful devices for throwaway prices. My sense is they do not plan to sell in millions at all. They just want to make a dent, that they could make such phones….

      Look at the no-contract price of this phone in T-mobile shops – it is $499. I never could understand how that could be higher than the unlocked version, and that too so-much-high.

      My hunc is, Google is just trying to get the attention of buyers with their $299 and $349 price tags, but not really planning to sell millions of these devices

  5. I managed to bag one, as soon as they went on sale. However, I have today been advised that it may be up to 3 weeks until this is now delivered. Various e-mail and phone calls have failed to shed any conviction from Google as to when I will get it. I must say, so far, Google’s customer service team seem to be poorly qualified, armed with little or no knowledge of their products or of their sales procedures. Their products may be quality but I think they need to invest in training their staff. I am surprised such an organisation is so ill equipped!

    • Jeffrey Blattman

      that’s because you ordered an item that wasn’t in stock. the “3 weeks” is just a guestimate of when they’ll actually have a device to ship you.

    • I agree, 6 Google reps promised me a ship date before November 15th. I called yesterday and asked a rep if I would get such an email, “you’re good, everything is processing so the label will be generated within 16 hours”. 5 minutes later I get the dreaded email so of course I call back to speak with clueless reps. The phone greeting says “your device will ship to you within the timeframe originally quoted to you when you placed the order”. Nos from a legal standpoint this is false advertisement. Google should not have sold more than they had in stock. Imagine a coworker taking 100 dollars to buy groceries to bring in a few days, instead they hold your money and tell you the will deliver in a month. I gave this example to a Google manager who was not listening giving me “uh huh, I understand” but did not reply to my question so I called him out on it. Supposedly he is emailing the shipping dept and trying to get me some free bumpers. I don’t care about free shipping when it comes to a phone I need, I would have paid 30 dollars for overnight for such an impressive device.

      • Oh, and I urge everyone to call Google Every day and scold them about the negative PR and maybe they will do overnight or *wishful thinking* same day delivery. Most devices in the US are shipping from Grapevine, TX I did confirm this with several reps. I was told that I can’t pick up my device in person even though I’m 3 hours away.

      • could you please tell me the exact price of nexus 4 in india?

  6. if i was desperate, i would have skipped school. what i want to know is why star selling at 8:15? why not 12 or 5.

  7. Proof this story. Disparate? There are at least 10 others. Sheesh.

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