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LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 starts shipping today for some, back ordered for others

LG Nexus 4

Today was the day the many of the individuals that ordered the LG Nexus 4 finally got confirmation emails and UPS shipping information. Unfortunately, it wasn’t smooth sailing for everyone. It seems that while some users managed to get confirmations, others got a much less exciting email indicating that their Nexus 4 was now on back order.

So what’s the deal? Apparently Google sold more devices that it actually had. Considering how quickly the Nexus 4 sold out in most markets (20-60 minutes) it isn’t that surprising of a revelation, but that doesn’t make things any less disappointing.

The email gives users a few options, which basically boiling down to waiting around three weeks (though no specific date is give) or even canceling the order. Here’s the email in full:

Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.

To check the status of your order at any time, visit the link below: https://wallet.google.com/manage/#transactions
If you would prefer to cancel your order, please reply to this email and our team will assist you. Or you can cancel your order using our online tool. Please follow the instructions found here: http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2423477

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you again for your order.
The Google Play Team

Were you one of the lucky folks that managed to actually get a confirmation email for your LG Nexus 4 or are you stuck waiting?

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  1. Hi friends,
    For this nexus 4 which headset I can use?I think lg is not providing a headset with the mobile is in’t it?

  2. HI friends,
    How much the price of lg nexus 4 in google store after tax and all in USA

    • Depends on the tax percent in each county and some states don’t even charge sales tax. For my, the total was $390 after tax and shipping (which was $13.99 for everyone).

  3. Order confirmation received and that’s all.No other email. Google Play displays “Google Inc received your order / estimated shipping nov 15th”. I ordered it a 8:35am PST on nov. 13th. No shipping, no backorder… seems I am in between.

    • That seems to be the status for anyone who placed an “early” order, no order receipt or back order message. I had no delays or errors when processing my order. I got my order in around 10:36 am CST on Nov 13th. It was a relatively smooth transaction at first, but now…not so much! I’m reading that people who ordered shortly after 9:00am PST are receiving their orders today. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

      • Yeah I’m in the same boat. I ordered at 8:33am PST and I also didn’t have any issues getting through checkout, but now I seem to be stuck in limbo. I sent off another email to support today and no reply as of yet.

        • Just spoke to Google Play Device Support.

          The “claim” i Changed something in Google Wallet, which caused my order to be “resubmitted”

          But they said it will ship Monday. I suspect the point of this is to not to have to reimburse me for the shipping cost, but frankly, all I want is the damn phone.

      • I ordered at two minites earlier than you and had my confirmation by the time you placed your order, but otherwise we’re in exactly the same position

      • I’m looking at my receipt right now, which says:

        Delivered in 3-5 business days

        but it also says : Order Date Nov 13, 2012 11:34:32 AM EST

        I see you order from CST (I ordered from EST)

        Could they possibly be confused by the time zone, and everyone in PST who ordered an hour after us is going to get it first?

  4. just order confirmation… no other mail since that

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