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Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10: Which One Are You Rooting For?

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is here, and is actually doing reasonably well during its first few days on the market. That said, there is some very real competition in the mobile market that would love to fight Microsoft for the “3rd place” position in the smartphone market, this includes Mozilla with Firefox OS and RIM with BB10.

Do either of these platforms have a chance against Microsoft? Honestly, Firefox OS is Mozilla’s first attempt at an OS, so it’s reach in the beginning will likely be limited. Firefox OS will appeal primarily to those looking for budget smartphones as their very first switch from a dumbphone.

In contrast, RIM is established and will go after both everyday consumers and those in the enterprise. In fact, Microsoft and RIM arguably have the same core target audience. So which platform is going to be the greater success? All the major carriers will likely support both platforms, but who get attract more consumer interest?

While it is probably too early to pass judgment, let’s talk about a few possible strengths from each platform:

Windows Phone 8

  • Microsoft is heavily promoting integration with other Microsoft products in Windows Phone 8. This includes heavy Office integration that appeals to the enterprise, as well as integration with Windows 8.
  • Microsoft has “gamer” appeal with its Xbox Live integration.
  • Microsoft’s Live Tile approach is different and fresh.
  • Windows Phone 8 allows all sorts of languages to be used for app creation and porting (unlike WP7) and therefore might do better when it comes to attracting big name apps.
  • Microsoft has deep pockets for marketing and is already hitting hard with celebrity endorsements.

RIM Blackberry 10

  • There are still Blackberry loyalists out there. Even though the United States has seen many former BB10 users switch to another platform, this isn’t the case in many other markets across the globe.
  • The Blackberry keyboard is an important feature for some.
  • Blackberry originally had a reputation for serious business and an elite vibe that it might be able to use as leverage for gaining new fans or winning back old ones.
  • Blackberry will bring its Blackberry Flow approach into the picture, which it touts as a way to improve productivity and brags is a more seemless smartphone experience.
  • Blackberry 10 will launch with 100,000 apps, many of which will be targeted towards regional, high quality apps.

Right now, there isn’t much on BB10’s bullet point. This isn’t necessarily because BB10 doesn’t have some killers features– we just don’t know enough yet. As it stands, RIM needs to give us proof that Blackberry 10 can do things BETTER than alternatives like Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. Having 100,000 apps at launch is certainly a very positive sign though.

As for Windows Phone? It already has a few advantages over iOS and Android that it can use to gain traction. This includes the perception that it is better for business (whether that’s true is probably debatable), and the integration with Office, Xbox and Windows 8.

It is unlikely that either BB10 or Windows Phone 8 can dethrone iOS and/or Android at this point, but if they play their cards right, one of these new operating systems could establish itself as a solid third place contender.

Which new platform are you most interested? Does Windows Phone 8 lure you in or are you more curious about what BB10 can bring to the table? Conversely, do you think that Firefox OS has what it takes to rise to a solid 3rd place position in the market?




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  1. I want both to suceed! Maybe wp8 will take half new users and some from ios and android, and bb10 will take half new users and the current bb legacy users. More choice in the market is more competition, competition brings innovation as each platform tries to leapfrog eachother. Just as an example wp8 introduced kids corner (2nd user account) which can be really useful for some. I bet that in a year or so both android and ios will have a similar feature (and bb10 kinda has it in the form of the work/home setting).

    Personally i’d go for a wp because it’s DIFFERENT it’s colorful, it’s moving, it’s FRESH. bb10 looks good but is still largly similar to ios and android visually (grid of app icons).

  2. Has anyone seen the browser comparison between bb10 and wp8. Being a wp user, I must say they are depressing.

  3. WP8 for me. The integration with Office, home PC, Skydrive, and XBOX is a thing of beauty.

  4. Silly readers, Lumia’s for kids. BB10’s where all the big boys are at 😉

  5. Personally I think Windows Phone 8 is an absolute home run for Microsoft, which has a very decent infrastructure and especially when you combine it with quality (lower priced) phones from vendorts like Nokia, and great included free aps like Nokia Drive it is sure to be a big winner. I have liked Win Phone 7 before, and like 8 even more. The Nokia 920 rocks, and contrary to some reviews to me the weight is no issue. I was never a BB person, so I cant really say if I would switch away from the BB world, but would i would say, is if a BB person does want to switch, I would look very hard at Windows Phone versus the Applegoogle alternatives.

  6. basically ,, if you still got buttons on your phone , time to switch(yall made fun of us because BB’s still had buttons BB said ok lets see if you can keep up, and besides BB give you variety of all touch or keys, wwoooowwww?! now can any other phone do that , there is no app for that, hu?

  7. BB10 100000% BUT I WANT wp8 to do well also, just like there is 80,000,000(80 million) people waiting on the bb10, there was a large(don’t know the amount)amount of people waiting on the new wp8, i got a BB 9930,- i love it is the best,because it actually “”does things””without apps, it don’t just look good or feel good in my hands,example-with your wp8 create a text group of 95 people, don’t add 95 people to a text for one time use, create a text group of 95 people saved in your address book that you can send a pic of your phone to,all my bb’s know what im talking bout, no offense wbp8, iphone, android, but bb10 will redefine smartphones all over again with true multitasking,(not toggling) not a quick trick with your movie player, actual true multitasking,you got your wp8, kool enjoy, 80 million of us are gonna act a fool when blackberry 10 is released

  8. android will lose eventually because of windows integration strategy. android does not have a steady os for pc’s while apple has, it will come to a point that apple will integrate all of its devices. these will result in a true seamless transaction for every device. windows 8 laptops have already covertable designs, pc to tabletand vice versa. a very good thing for consumers since you own only 1 device but with seamless mobility…

  9. Wouldn’t want to see an icon like BB fail but I’m rooting for WP, BB rested on their laurels raking in the cash from the same un-creative phones for far too long…

  10. I am a Windows and Android User but I want Blackberry to succeed as well. More choices cannot be bad for consumers.

  11. I’m suspicious about all the BB love on here. I’m having a hard time believing it will translate to sales. I feel like BB has become more of a niche than anything.

    I love both companies, and I hope they both knock Apple and Google down a few pegs.

    My bet is on WP8 for third place though. If nothing else, MS has the resources to subsidize it until it becomes profitable (like it did with xbox). MS will win a war of attrition against BB.

  12. “There are still Blackberry loyalists out there, though the number is dropping.” This statement in the article is just myopically, factually wrong. The number of worldwide Blackberry users continues to grow. This will continue at an accelerated pace in 2013. The United States is a major market, of course, but only one. Unprofessional, irresponsible, useless journalism, once again.

    • Great points made, Geoff. You are right, there are certainly still many global markets that are loyal to Blackberry. I didn’t mean to misrepresent or offend. I apologize. I also am interested in BB10 and what it might bring to the table.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

      • Thanks for the reply, Andrew. You’ve shown more respect to me than I did to you! I apologize. Just tired of all the Apple fan-boy spin out there, and probably a bit overreactive as a result. 😉

        • No worries. My word choice could have been better originally, so I’m glad you mentioned it. :)

          Personally, I try to be as platform agnostic as possible, as I use a little bit of EVERYTHING.

          My desktop is Windows 8 and my main laptop is Ubuntu. I have an Android tablet and an iPad– though these are used by my wife/daughter as I prefer to use my phone or PC. My phone runs on Android. I also have an old-school PowerPC Mac that my pre-schooler uses for watching DVDs and media files… so yah, the only things I’m missing are devices that run on Blackberry and Windows Phone technology and I (almost) have all my bases covered.

          Again, thanks for commenting. I always appreciate feedback– positive or constructive. It helps me understand others points of views and helps me grow as a writer and tech enthusiast.

  13. BB10 for me

  14. WP8 all the way. My new Lumia 920 is AMAZING!!! WP8 FTW!!! Blackberry took too long on BB10 and people are moving on and realizing there are many better options

  15. We have been recommending people try out different products and see what they like rather than just assuming the Iphone is the best.

  16. Trading in our GS3’s for two BB10’s for sure. We miss BBM terribly!!

  17. BB10 FTW

  18. Windows Phone, naturally :-)

  19. As bb10 revolutionary stated:

    Blackberry 10 for sure. Amazing new touch keyboard, flow is just awesome and being able to peak while multi-tasking. I love how you can go back in time after taking a picture. The ‘balance’ feature is also great , you can have to separate profiles on a single phone. And I can’t wait to play around with the ‘cinnamon’ feature which lets you peak at your messages by simply lifting the phone and tilting it, place it back down and your phone goes back to sleep.I’m also looking forward to the NFC chip in the bb10, I love using pay-pass and features where you can just pay with your phone! Worth the wait for sure…

    Then there’s LTE capabilities, better battery and its removable, N-series (qwerty), Aristo series with screaming specs and of course it’s also coming good spec PlayBook at a fraction of an iplad!

  20. BB10 revolutionary

    Blackberry 10 for sure. Amazing new touch keyboard, flow is just awesome and being able to peak while multi-tasking. I love how you can go back in time after taking a picture. The ‘balance’ feature is also great , you can have to separate profiles on a single phone. And I can’t wait to play around with the ‘cinnamon’ feature which lets you peak at your messages by simply lifting the phone and tilting it, place it back down and your phone goes back to sleep.I’m also looking forward to the NFC chip in the bb10, I love using pay-pass and features where you can just pay with your phone! Worth the wait for sure, dumping my laggy-fully updated-ipoo 4s

  21. Windows phone 8 Definitely. It runs smoothly, never crashes and comes with a wide variety of hardware… (wish T-Mobile would carry the Nokia 920 but still I love my HTC 8X)

  22. BB10, look at the features released so far (in the developer devices).. They look amazing.. Even if they dont have any other surprises (which I’m sure they do), it looks liek a damn good phone

  23. WP8 all the way! My red lumia 920 rocks!!!

    • howz the battery life?

      • The reports of bad battery life on the Lumia 920 are FALSE. I’ve had mine for 3 days now and it easily lasts a full day…EASILY. Lumia 920 is the best phone on the market hands down!!!

        • I agree as well…have a Lumia 920 and the battery lasts for entire day (10 hrs) with pretty heavy 3g usage and moderate gaming + calls

      • I know this is really old, but if you go into your settings and turn off the location setting, the battery life becomes very long. Mine regularly lasts around 2 days, with wifi and 4G connectivity. I only turn the location setting on when I have an app that absolutely needs to use location.

  24. BB10 ALL THE WAY!!!

  25. The press have to quit dissing BB. They build a great product and now with BB10 a few months away maybe the public will wake up and leave all that Apple hype behind and get a BB10. It is the wave of the future

    • Honestly can’t wait to get the BB10. I’m gonna feel so pimp having one and could careless what others think.

  26. BB 10 – it’s all that!

  27. Rimpire is back. I can’t wait to get this phone. I love my bold 9900 I can just imagine this new bob

  28. Not even close. I’m awaiting BB10. By January 30th they’ll already be doing articles on “What went wrong with Windows & WP8″. Look for an early Post Mortem on Windows 8.

  29. Rooting for both. Apple and Google are drunk with power.

  30. Windows Phone 8 – BB10 is not even in the same league (if it’s anything like the playbook which I suspect it will be)!

  31. I vote 100% for BB10

  32. Looks like microsoft is paying their employees to post here. WP7 was total garbage and no one liked it. Windows 8 OS is having alot of issues and NO ONE wants to upgrade. Surface has many problems like broken keyboard. Even microspfts TOP guy quit since windows 8 is a FLOP!

  33. I’ve used WP7 for a couple of weeks and I hated it. I bought the surface and the keyboard broke in two days. Do NOT BUY ANYTHING microsoft. NOthing but problems. No wonder people are quiting microsoft after windows 8 came out. It’s total garbage. I am going for BB10 which from what I have seen is a much better OS.

    • Your experience is not typical at all. There is a story getting a lot of play right now about a surface tablet that fell off the roof of a car onto a road and was run over at 60mph. from which it came out working perfectly. The surface is probably the most durable tablet on the market.

  34. BB10 as my phone
    Microsoft Surface Pro as my tablet

    • A windows phone will intigrate into the same ecosystem with a surface pro. Songs / pics+videos / etc. will be synced (and I think backed up too) with skydrive. It might be harder to get content onto the bb (maybe not though i’ve never had a bb)

  35. WP..got a WP7: love it and planing to get an WP8

  36. Windows Phone, love it! Can’t wait until 1/22/13 for my upgrade, set on HTC 8X!!

  37. BB10 looks great. I havent needed to upgrade my BB6 phone because it works so well. Battery never dies, features always work, does what I want to do and I never play Angry Birds anyway. BB10 might catch my eye and cause met to upgrade my 4 year old phone. If not, I’ll keep using my BB6 phone for another 4 years – it’s a great phone.

  38. WP8 for me!

  39. 100000000 percent BLACKBERRY 10 LOOKS AMAZING !!!!!

  40. using a bb now, looking forward to try out wp8

  41. BB10 for me, by all accounts shaping up to be excellent

  42. Not impressed with WP so far…and hoping BB10 will be the answer to ubiquitous iOS/Android

  43. I 2nd that, WP is very refreshing

  44. WP for the (3rd place) win! :) Love mine, will never switch back.

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