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Google Voice isn’t working right with Android 4.2 [ Updated ]

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has started to arrive, bringing several new improvements to the table. Unfortunately, any new changes to an OS are bound to be met with a few problems along the way, and Android 4.2 is no exception. It seems that Google Voice is reportedly crashing quite regularly thanks to Android 4.2.

While we aren’t sure exactly what is causing the problem with Google Voice, we do know that it starts when you go to create a new message and attempt to add a recipient. Every single time this will cause a “force close” of the app.

While we expect third party apps to sometimes have hiccups with new OS changes, generally Google’s first party apps are optimized and ready to go. Apparently this particular issue managed to slip past Google. The good news is that this is likely something that can be fixed with a minor update to the Google Voice software.

For now, if you really use Google Voice regularly— you might want to hold off on updating your Galaxy Nexus over to Android 4.2. Any of our readers manage to upgrade to Android 4.2 yet? Is this Google Voice issue affecting you?

UPDATE: A new version of Google Voice has now been released that is said to fix problems that the app is having for Android 4.2 users. You can download it from Google Play.

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  1. I use google voice as my texting system, on my Nexus 7 tablet. It has been working fine until about an hour ago, at which time it crashed and looked exactly as pictures above. It is the only way I have to text, since I dropped my cell phone completely when I bought Nexus 7 (the new wifi plus 3G version) a couple months ago. Other than this current problem, it has worked flawlessly for me.

  2. This just started today: Google voice runs, but won’t dial on BOTH my Asus Transformer (ICS) and my wife’s Nexus 7 (Jelly Bean). And I just updated from the App store. This was working fine until just a few hours ago. Wondering what’s up.

  3. yes that GV problem is happening with me and also Dropcam video has some issues now too. anyway to roll the upgrade back to previous version?

  4. Dolphin and Firefox are crashing every single time I open them. Chrome is not, natch. Facebook is a formatting mess.

    I have a 7-inch brick sitting here, because all I use on this tablet are the browser and FB. I’m really starting to hate this thing. Time for iPad Mini, I guess.

    I don’t care about brand loyalty. I want something that works.

    • Yup these are the two biggest apps that are crashing for me in A4.2(on Google Galaxy Nexus). Also I use nova launcher, which isn’t running as smoothly as it did in A4.1.2. Some of the weather widgets also crash in A4.2. I think people should hold off on the upgrade till the OS is stabilized.

  5. I am having a problem with the new update, but not with google voice. The problem I have is that my Galaxy Nexus GSM is unlocking itself every time it is locked. Within a minute it will light up to unlock without my trying.

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