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Wi-Fi Calling Not Supported on Nexus 4 with T-Mobile

One way that you can save on your cell phone minutes is to utilize the Wi-Fi calling feature offered by T-Mobile. Your call gets routed over your Internet connection and you can keep your bucket of minutes. Earlier, it seemed that T-Mobile would be supporting the Wi-Fi calling feature on the Google Nexus 4, but this no longer appears to be the case.

The earlier outline from T-Mobile support had Wi-Fi calling listed as a feature on the new LG-made Android smartphone, but the information has since been updated to say that Wi-Fi calling is not supported.

Besides Wi-Fi calling, the Nexus 4 has some pretty awesome features. It comes with Android 4.2 installed and a beastly quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5Ghz processor. It also comes with a 4.7-inch IPS+ LCD display at 1280 x 768 resolution. Overall, Chris Burns, who reviewed the phone for us, was pretty impressed with what it brought to the table.

This doesn’t mean that the Nexus 4 is a bad phone and it doesn’t mean that you can’t still get around this with some other VoIP service, but it is a shame that this native feature isn’t being supported. This might be because T-Mobile can’t customized the Android OS under the hood of the Nexus 4 the way it can with other phones that can be skinned.

While you can pick up the factory unlocked Google Nexus 4 outright from the Google Play Store for $299 (8GB) or $349 (16GB), T-Mobile is selling it on a two-year contract for $200. You save some money, but you get tied down for 24 months. And you still don’t get Wi-Fi calling.




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  1. Why not use Groove IP and Google Voice in conjunction with the Nexus 4 and the $30 Monthly 4G T-Mobile plan? That should theoretically work. Otherwise, get SimpleMobile plan for $50.

  2. T-Mobile could pretty easily offer a new dialer that would do wifi calling if on wifi… The same way Google Voice’s dialer does call routing… It wouldn’t be hard for them to do at all, without doing underlying changes.. just an app available to t-mobile customers… what a crock.

  3. can you use skype to call or is that considered wifi calliing? and is this only with the phone tmobile sells or also with the unlocked one from google play.

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