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Nokia Lumia 920 has finally arrived, how well is it selling on its first day?

The much anticipated Nokia Lumia 920 has now hit store shelves. The flagship Windows Phone 8 device is getting a nice spotlight over at Best Buy, with it showing at the top of its mobile phone page. Walmart is also showing the Lumia 920 on the front of their mobile site.

So how well is the Lumia 920 doing on its first day? Currently the Lumia 920 lands a number 42 on the Best Buy top sellers page, which is odd when a seemingly unknown and unadvertised Xperia Ion is topping the number 15 spot. As for Walmart?  Even though Walmart is offering the Lumia 920 for an impressively low $49.99 ($50 less than AT&T’s site), the device still hasn’t made it onto Walmart’s top twenty list.

On the other hand, European sales tell a very different story. The Nokia flagship handset has already managed to sell out in many places within the first day sales.

So what’s the big deal over in the US? Nokia may have just had bad timing after releasing the device extremely closely to Samsung’s US release for the Note 2, and a few months after the iPhone 5. Or maybe the majority of smartphone owners are still happy with their current operating system, and aren’t interested for the switch to Windows Phone. Honestly though, it might just have to do with brand perception. Nokia just isn’t that popular in the United States.

Either way, the Windows Phone 8 flagship handset will continue to remain on sale, and we won’t have a clear picture of the handset’s success until the handset settles into the market amongst the imminent Christmas shopping sprees. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 marketing efforts are just now starting to heat up, with several celebrities endorsing the handset– such as Jessica Alba. What do you think of Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920? Interested or not?

Update: Looking at actually retailers and listening to commenters below, it’s clear that the Lumia 920 is actually doing quite well during its first few days on the market. Many stores are already reporting the device is totally sold out. For now it remains unseen how large the stock numbers for these retailers were to begin with– but this is an excellent sign and shows that Microsoft and Nokia are doing things right with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920.

We apologize for any confusion this article may have caused. Have you managed to get your hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 yet? What do you think of the new Windows Phone 8 handset?




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  1. Simply put there is no stock to buy and so sales are going to be low. Someone at Nokia, rogers, microsoft screwed this up and no one can buy it even if they wanted to. If you are going to launch a new revolutionary device make sure you’ve got stock for customers. The local store here had like 5 and that’s it. They should have had like 50 because that’s the kind of demand that people have for it.

  2. I looked for one for a week and found a black Lumia 920 here in Ottawa, Ontario yesterday. My wife wants a red one and I haven’t found any yet. Most of them are going to the people who pre-ordered them. Maybe I’ll find a red Lumia next week. I love my Lumia 920, it’s great.

  3. Lumia Is Awesome

    It is available in Walmart for $49 :) I bought one from Microsoft store on Friday for $99 on the day it launched 11/9

  4. Went to ATT store Sat. LUmia 920 sold out. Expected new shipment on Tuesday (13th). Order online Sat from ATT. supposed to ship on 9/11. Called yesterday re order. They are out. Don’t expect to ship my 920 until end of week. I current have a 900. Best smartphone I have had (had a lot). Look forward to W8.

  5. Went to two Southern California AT&T stores and talked to the reps. They said they received about ~30 phones each (10 white, 10 black, 5 red, 5 yellow). One was sold out of everything except one white. The other had a few black phones left. None received any Cyan colored phones. Even the Microsoft store in OC said they were running out of inventory when I asked if they had any of the Lumia 920’s in stock. The phone seems to be selling well, but the launch was clearly botched. No stores received any Cyan? Come on. Had to order it online at AT&T.

  6. I went to many stores on day 1 and they were out of stock. I still ordered them to be shipped to my house. My order is still being processed. If there was no demand then how come it is in the waiting list. This article is not true. If your aim is to bash Microsoft or lumia then you should have at least disabled the comments so people living in the real world would not reveal the truth and you can be happy in the fake cocoon you have built. Sorry for being harsh.

  7. I feel like there should be a petition to take down this woefully misinformed article. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of this phone for months, and now that it’s out, I can get it– because it’s SOLD OUT at EVERY electronics and wireless retailer in my ENTIRE STATE! What they hey hey, Ollie?

  8. AT&T is just mega lame! I pre-ordered 2 Lumia’s 920 for myself and my wife. I was supposed to get mine on 11/09, but they just shipped on the 13th! My wife wanted a yellow one and they haven’t even shipped hers because it’s not available! Did they only bring 100 yellow ones in theto the US??? This is ridiculous!

  9. Here in D.C. and Virginia, the Lumia 920 is sold out state-wide at every Best Buy, Walmart, and AT&T store. I’m guessing this article was written by an iPhone afficianado…

  10. Also how much stock has Walmart had to sell and how many days have they been selling them, is there 920 or 820 stock in all Walmart stores?

  11. has Best Buy shipped any out yet? I ordered mine Oct 21 and it still says processing and 1 – 2 weeks/backordered

  12. Ill get a Nokia 920 When it is realsed on T Mobile, I dont want the 820

  13. I don’t think that using Best Buy and Walmart’s best-seller lists as a method for determining sales is a solid method without knowing how they structure their lists (i.e., time frame for sales, how often the list is updated, etc.)

  14. I think Nokia is having an inventory issue. Most of the places have sold out, but it doesn’t seem as if they had a large inventory in the first place. I think that is the real question.

  15. Sold out in Vancouver bc

  16. I’ve been an iphone guy since it’s first model, just left it for the Lumia 920. My wife also traded her Iphone for the Lumia 920 we both love it!!!

  17. Very very interested! I have already ordered the red 920. Cant wait to put my hands on it. I love to be different and to explore new technology. Nokia is one of the best and will always be. Give then a chance and to feel it in your own hands.

  18. Simple, its a carrier issue. Not everybody is going to switch over to ATT, This phone would be killing it now if a few more carriers offered it.

  19. I desperately want to get one but i guess i have to wait here in Canada since they still did not have it in the stores i checked over the weekend. They told me to give them a call in another week or two….:(

  20. opteron opteron

    This article sounds weird to me.
    I am in washington and there have been queues in Bellevue and Redmond since Friday just to buy Lumia 920 and by 3pm on sunday AT&T had no more lumia 920 in store statewide… They were just taking back orders … Even Microsoft stores in the state were emptied yesterday…

  21. Got mine. Its a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. reminds me of the nokia hardware many years ago back when they were king. windows is smooth and feature rich. I deal with precision, well made equipment, every day. this piece is impeccably engineered. I don’t see the weight issue that others have said. I like the solid feel of the phone. don’t listen to other folks, go hold it in your hand and use it. you be the judge. I had an apple 4gs prior. My son has an S G 3. He likes the nokia so much I worried I might have to buy another one, off contract that is :-(.

  22. Here in south Florida, Lumia 920 is selling very well. Over 90% of AT&T stores are showing Lumia 920 out of stock or limited stock. I got my Lumia 920 on Saturday. :)
    It is an amazing phone. I love it’s panoramic feature.

  23. Yeah I’m interested! Got my yellow one on order. My AT&T store was sold out on the first day of all colors. Hopefully it ships quick!

  24. Then why can’t I find one to buy at the Walmart, Best Buy & AT&T stores? I think they are selling quite well…

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