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New Poll Says 22% of Respondents will get a Windows Phone 8 device, tied with iPhone interest

Windows Phone 8 might have just hit the market today, but it is already generating quite a bit of excitement. In fact, a new poll conducted by the UK-based PC Advisor indicates that out of 3,250 respondents, 22 percent were interested in Windows Phone 8– the same percent of users that were interested in the iPhone.

The poll was to determine if users intended to make their next device an Android, Windows Phone, Blackberrry or iPhone smartphone. Unsurprisingly, Android won out with 40% of the vote, and Blackberry trailed the list with just 4% of the vote.

It is at least a little odd that Windows Phone 8 managed to tie with the iPhone when it is now just arriving, but considering the advertising and hype behind Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it isn’t that strange of news.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t suggest doom and gloom for Apple by any means, but it is a good sign that Microsoft might have a hit on their hands that may finally solidify Windows Phone 8 as a third place contender in the mobile wars. Polls are never quite accurate simply because we don’t know all the facts. The respondents might have been from an unusually high number of Windows fans– but it does make it clear that interest in Windows Phone 8 is certainly there.

There is no denying that momentum is building for Windows Phone 8 and the newly released tablet-focused Windows 8. Are you planning to buy a Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 device? If so, what was your main reason for jumping to a new ecosystem as opposed to using an established ecosystem like Android, iOS or even Blackberry?

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  1. I have an Android phone but I am not satisfyed with it, the way updates work and how the manufacturers refuse to update older, tehnically still capable phones, leaving you behind and forcing you to buy new phones every month. I am planning on getting a Lumia 820 when it gets cheaper.

  2. Was a iPhone user for 4.5 years. Jumped ship to a the Lumia 920. WP8 is in my opinion a superior mobile OS to iOS. Also, the iPhone 5 failed to wow me. Another row of icons and a slightly faster processor was not enough to warrant an upgrade from my iPhone 4. The Lumia has NFC, Bigger Screen, Sharper screen (higher PPI), and a better camera. Apple’s business practices of late of suing everybody and their mom has turned me off from buying their products. Also, without Steve Jobs at the helm, I feel the company has lost it’s direction and has many internal power struggles, as shown by the recent higher end management personnel either quitting or being forced out.

  3. As soon as my contract is up, I am off to the AT&T store to pickup a shiny new Nokia 920 (cyan)

    I love windows phone.

  4. own an Android at this time but will upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 920. Played with at the store and thought it was the best phone hands down.

  5. luka mathebula

    It will be the best new year present for me to upgrade with Windows Phone 8 as I always want to expriment new exprience. Windows Phone 8 definately suit my style. I would like to be the first one to use it in my area as I usually do. As I said, my Nokia N8 is due for upgrade. Thumbs up for WP 8!

  6. I’ve gone through iphone and several androids. But have been using win phone for the last 6 months.

    Its just plain simple to use, from the dedicated photobutton to a friends contact screen lists all call/texts/emails/linked ins/facebook/twitters from that person. The only contacts system I saw near this good was HTCs android touch sense.

    Windows phone 7’s biggest bummer is the non background running Skype/AIM/Gtalk etc..
    This is the only reason I’m upgrading to windows phone 8.
    Otherwise my 2 year old samsung focus would last me a long time.

  7. I have had a Windows Phone 7.x device for two years now. Definitely getting a WinPho 8 right after the holidays. My daughter is up for an upgrade and she has informed me that she wants a WinPho 8 to replace her old iPhone.

    I’ve owned Android and I’ve owned iPhones, for me the Windows Phone is the better user experience. You may disagree and that’s the beauty of consumer choice.

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