Google Nexus 10 Tablet Spotted at Walmart Ahead of Release

The new Google Nexus 10 and 4 are set to go on sale on November 13th, however, one customer at Walmart has supposedly found the tablet today.

The customer has taken a picture of the 32GB model resting on a shelf with a $499 price tag underneath the item. Apparently, the person who took the picture did not buy it, but instead took a photo and left the store. So far there have been no other reports about possible early releases like this one, so there’s probably quite a small quantity of Nexus 10 tablets in public reach at this point. In this case, it’s most likely that an employee at Walmart made a mistake with stocking the shelves. But it could be possible a small number of users now have their hands on the tablet, seeing as the official release is only 4 days away, it’s not likely to cause any issues or hurt sales.

The Nexus 10 32GB version will sell for $499 from the Google Play website, and will also make an appearance across the States in various stores and supermarket chains.


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