Daily Deal: 60% off ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL 4000mAh External Battery Pack

We rely a lot on our smartphones to do just about everything. It’s not just about phone calls. We listen to music, we play games, we watch videos, we update Facebook… and all of these drain our batteries like there’s no tomorrow. Literally, because most smartphone batteries barely make it through the day.

That’s why there are so many chargers and backup battery solutions these days and one of the best could be the ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL. It’s got a solar panel and a whopping 4000mAh of internal juice, giving you enough to recharge most smartphones two times over. Better yet, it’s on sale for 60% off the regular retail price.

At 6.7″ x 3.6″ x 0.8″ and 8 ounces, the ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL is roughly the same size as your cell phone, making it easily portable for wherever your day may take you. The solar panel has a 300mA charging rate in direct sunlight, getting enough energy “to charge most phones after only 4-6 hours.” You can also recharge it via USB, checking on its charge level via the 4-level LED indicator.

Pick up this solar portable battery pack on Amazon for $44.99, including free super saver shipping.

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