Three Islands in the South Pacific are now Completely Powered by Solar Energy

Imagine a place where the only energy to be found is clean, reliable solar power. Not happening anytime soon, right? While solar power has become increasingly important, it isn’t yet powering an entire arrive is it? Actually, three tiny islands in the South Pacific are the first islands to rely completely on solar power.

The islands are part of the Tokelau territory, which in the past has relied on imported diesel to meet its power needs. While these are small islands with a population of 1,500 it is still a step in the right direction. New Zealand hopes to continue this trend elsewhere and will co-host a South Pacific clean energy summit next March along with the Tokelau, Tong and Cook Islands.

As our world becomes increasingly reliant on electricity everywhere, it is important to see that clean energy continues as a priority. Now if only an entire country could make the bold move to switching completely to clean energy.

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