Samsung Planning Major Brand Overhaul, Just in Time for CES 2013

Samsung Planning Major Brand Overhaul, Just in Time for CES 2013


It seems that Samsung is ready for its makeover. The company is now working with brand consultant Scott Bedbury, a big name consultant that has worked with companies such as Nike and Starbucks in the past.

The goal is to present “the new Samsung” at CES 2013. The “new” company will leave behind the perception of being an Asian company and hopes to settle into a more global role that focuses its ads not just on the products but on the consumer lifestyles that go with these kind of items.

Basically the idea is to remove negative attention from Samsung and repaint the company with a new corporate logo, colors and other changes that will hopefully extend the brand into new markets and into the arms of consumers that normally don’t buy their products. That’s the goal, anyhow.

What this new Samsung will look like remains a mystery for now. Personally, I like the old school blue logo and hope that they don’t do anything too crazy with the new look. What do you think of this news, will a makeover in the company’s branding, logo and advertising help or hurt the Korean-based electronics empire?


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