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Google Android Director Says Other 10-inch Tablets are “Overpriced and Underpowered”

A New York Times interview with Google’s Android business development director John Lagerling has just surfaced that manages to ask several interesting questions about the Nexus line, particularly why the company is now coming in to the 10-inch tablet space. The answer? According to Langerling, they saw the current 10-inch category as underpriced and underpowered and believed they could bring something big to the table.

While the response might seem a little arrogant, it is worth noting that the Samsung-made Google Nexus 10 is in fact $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad. As far as hardware, the Nexus 10 is actually every bit as good, if not slightly better in some areas, such as its high-end display that beats out Apple’s retina display.

The other big question asked had to do with why Google hasn’t pushed Motorola for its Nexus devices. The response was that they didn’t want to give preferential treatment to anyone. The way the Google Nexus program works is that a company has to bid on doing a Nexus device, that includes Motorola. Good answer, it is good to see that Google is treating all of its vendors equally when it comes to feature Nexus endeavors.

The interview is definitely an interesting read and can be found through the New York Time’s website.



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  1. Two other tablets become available in November through a new site called TabletSprint – which offer some impressive features and stack up against the new iPad and the Google Nexus 10 inch tablets for nearly half the price and are worth comparing — One model is the Novo 10 by Ainol electronics, a tabletmaker which received a CNET/CES 2012 “Tablet of the Year” award for another tablet they produced earlier this year – The Novo 10 offers a Quad Core processor and a pretty amazing 1920×1200 Liquid Crystal 10.1″ screen (like iPad Retina display) and will retail for about $269 and feature an advanced 10-Point Multi-Touch, HDMI with 1080p (HD) output to a TV, Dual Cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi, Built-In GPS, a Micro-SD Memory Card Slot, a Micro-USB port, a Strong Battery (10,000 mAh), Android 4.1 O/S and Google Play access (400,000+ Android Software Apps). A similar model is also available in November that is produced by another Asia firm, Ramos Technology, that’s called the W30-HD, which also has many of the same features, Plus 3G built in that works with any GSM carrier (AT&T & T-Mobile) and is priced at $319. One of the first places that carry these models in the U.S. is at TabletSprint — which also offers a few nicely priced 7-inch tablet models — this site also offers an innovative new service with FREE 3G access in the U.S., with 500MB of free data every month for each Tablet – great for email, light internet and VoIP Voice Calling — definitely worth checking out and comparing…

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