CyanogenMod gets Native File Manager in Latest Nightly Builds

CyanogenMod gets Native File Manager in Latest Nightly Builds


While the popular CyanogenMod isn’t moving to Android 4.2 just yet, CM10 is getting something new that might excite some modders out there— a native file manager.

The new file managing app should show up in nightly builds and has access to USB storage alongside an attractive Holo-based design. The app is highly functional and yet designed to be as easy to use as possible. This might not matter to everyone, and some might even consider it a BAD move. Why? It could be considered unnecessary bloatware for those that don’t want it.

Most custom ROMs out there do have a file manager, so this isn’t that strange of a move by any means. If you are CM fan but have always wished that they included their own file manager, you’ll be pleased with this new change.

Now all we need is an updated version of CyanogenMod that moves us to Android 4.2. Do you think that adding a file manager is a great idea or is it extra bloat that you’d rather them leave off? For more information, check out the CM Team’s Google+ post.

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