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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Already Sells 3 Million Units Worldwide

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The “phablet” isn’t for everyone, that much is clear. Some of us like smaller screens and feel that devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are just too big. That being said, there is clearly a growing demand for larger-sized smartphones, as evidenced by the run-away success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2.

How well is the Note 2 doing already? In just 37 days, Samsung now has sold 3 million units. This is extremely impressive. The phablet is quickly growing into a mainstream device. After personally reviewing the LG Intuition, I have to say that the 5+-inch smartphone category might seem strange at first but you quickly get these oversized phones.

Some of the most compelling reasons to own the Note 2 have to do with that extra real-estate for reading, browsing and playing games. The exceptional note-taking abilities with the S-Pen are a big part of the device’s appeal as well. One of the best things about Android devices is that there are wide variety of sizes, shapes and form factors. This means that no matter what kind of tastes you have, odds are you will find something that fits your own individual needs.

What do you consider the “sweet spot” for screen size?

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  1. I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. BUT while the S3 is available in the 32GB version at US carriers, the Note 2 is not. Bloggers have lamented that users are complaining about running out of app space on the 16GB model. Impediments block transfer of apps to the SD card. I can get the 32GB and 64GB versions from Korea but no LTE there. There is some LTE in the UK but again only 16GB Note 2’s for it. (The iPhone is available in 64GB – no SD card – but is otherwise inferior). The larger screen size suggests users will want to transfer some laptop and tablet use to the phablet. So I predict the Note 2 will have a short shelf life. I am already planning my move to a 6″ phablet a year from now. Rumored are Sony and Huawei 6″ phablets.

  2. If you don’t want to carry 2 devices, 5 1/2 is the perfect solution.

  3. Eat a fat one apple! android all the way!

  4. Yea take that apple u suck lol

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