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Samsung Nexus 10 Might have a 64GB Version After All

The Nexus 10 was originally announced to only sport 16GB and 32GB storage sizes with no way to expand beyond that. While this might be good enough for some consumers, what if you want and need more? The good news is that your wish might be coming true. Apparently a Korean press release on Samsung’s website also mentioned a 64GB version of the new Samsung Nexus 10. Since then, the image showing the 64GB model has been edited to remove its mention.

This means one of two things. The first possibility is that this was totally a mistake and no 64GB version exists. The second option is that a 64GB model does in fact exist but for whatever reason Google is holding off its announcement and Samsung accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

It is really hard to guess which of these scenarios will prove true. That being said, having a 64GB offering might round out the Nexus 10’s options and help it compete with the iPad on nearly every level. If this is true all we need now is a 3G/4G version of the Nexus 10 as well.

What do you think, would you buy a 64GB Nexus 10 if this proves to be true?

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  1. They can keep the 64GB I will take the one with the SD card. OR NOTHING !

  2. Alexander Nikonov

    You are absolutely right: we need 3G/4G version with 64GB onboard. Then it will make sense to buy this device 😉 If situation with Nexus 7 will repeat – we may expect this present in 3-4 months…

  3. I find it quite puzzling that my phone will be able to have more capacity than a 10 inch tablet. Why only 32GB? And why not just have an sd slot so the consumer can choose for themselves to upgrade later on if they so choose? If a 64GB version gets released down the line, a lot of 32GB owners are gonna be pissed that they are stuck with the smaller one. This is the main thing holding me back from buying the nexus 10.

  4. I buy one but only if it comes with 64Gb

  5. definitely would buy a Nexus 10 today if it supported 3G OR 4G. Hope the 3G4G version comes out soon. I want the Nexus in every other respect but one can’t delay purchasing forever.

  6. Definitely would buy one with 4G and 64GB

  7. The 64 gb one is what I. want. I’m looking at the Asus Prime tf700t now.

  8. Waiting for a 3g version.. Then i will pounce!

  9. Should have been $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB!!

  10. Two other tablets become available in November through a new site called TabletSprint – which offer some impressive features and prices, and stack up against the iPad and the new Google Nexus 10 inch tablets for nearly half the price – One model is the Novo 10 by Ainol electronics, a tabletmaker which received a CNET/CES 2012 “Tablet of the Year” award for another tablet they produced earlier this year – The Novo 10 offers a Quad Core processor and a pretty amazing 1920×1200 Liquid Crystal 10.1″ screen (like iPad Retina display) and will retail for about $269 and feature an advanced 10-Point Multi-Touch, HDMI with 1080p (HD) output to a TV, Dual Cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi, Built-In GPS, a Micro-SD Memory Card Slot, a Micro-USB port, a Strong Battery (10,000 mAh), Android 4.1 O/S (Jelly Bean) and Google Play access (400,000+ Android Software Apps). A similar model is also available in November that is produced by another Asia firm, Ramos Technology, that’s called the W30-HD, which also has many of the same features, Plus 3G built in that works with any GSM carrier (AT&T & T-Mobile) and is expected to be priced around $320. One of the only places that seem to carry these models in the U.S. so far is at TabletSprint — which also offers a few well-priced, quality 7 inch tablet models.

  11. I would much rather see an SD or micro-SD slot option. I was so ready to jump on purchasing the Nexus 10 until I read that it didn’t have a micro-SD slot. If there is an inexpensive adapter that adds a card reader, I *might* still be onboard, but no expandable storage option is a no-go for me. “The Cloud” doesn’t count!

  12. I would by a 5 of them for starers

  13. I would get the 64G if they offered it. I’m planning on getting the 32 but if the 64 is coming out I’ll wait.

  14. Why pay an extra $100+ for memory?

    16gb USB Drive = $10
    USB to Micro USB converter cable = $1.50

    Unless you’re using this thing for movies all the time I can’t imagine how you’d need more than 16gb local storage, there are plenty of options including dropbox and the like.

    • Let’s hope that this particular Nexus device fully supports USB OTG. There’s no mention of support for it on Google’s site, and the Nexus 7 can only mount drives as read-only (using a third-party app) unless you root it (not that it’s difficult to root a Nexus).

    • Yes, but then you’ve gon an annoying usb cable sticking out of it. And what if you want to charge it from time to time…then you have to remove it and juggle what you need and don’t need on the external usb. It’s definitely not ideal, but I do see your point about $100 being way too much for a 16GB bump in memory, especially with how low priced it is nowadays.

  15. No SD slot = No Purchase – How very Apple of Google!

    • I like yo’ jibe boy

    • Could not agree with you more. Shame on Google for not putting on a simple SD slot.

    • They never include SD cards on Nexus devices because it simplifies the experience then … plus the entire storage can be used as you wish, unlike other Android phones where the manufacturer splits it up into “Internal Storage/SD Card” and “Apps/data”. So I would prefer a Nexus device … and with Google Music launching in November in more countries, 20,000 songs can be stored in the web for free for either streaming or downloading.

    • Absolutely. Will wait for Samsung to come out with tablet of similar specs. Wrong move, Google, you need to change your tune on this issue.

  16. Just put a Micro SD slot on them and be done with it.

  17. yes, 64 GB Nexus 10 ftw.

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