Windows Phone 8′s NFC Features Will Allow Limited Cross-Platform Communication with Android

Starting with Windows Phone 8 devices, NFC will now come into play on Microsoft’s newest mobile platform. While this isn’t that surprising, it is interesting to know that the tap+send features in Windows Phone 8 will actually work just fine between WP8 devices and Android phones.

The new Windows Phone 8 tap/send feature is designed for sharing web URLs, contact data and more with phones nearby, using a multi-platform standard. In the video from WP Central, the HTC 8X and Galaxy Nexus easily tossed web pages and contact information back and forth.

The only thing that won’t be cross-compatible is data transferring. For now that’s strictly Android-to-Android or Windows-to-Windows. In time could that change though? It’s certainly possible. Still, this is an interesting development and a step in the right direction.

While competition sparks innovation, so can collaboration and cooperation. What do you think? Are you interested in Windows Phone 8 or will you stick with an iOS, Android or even Blackberry alternative?

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  1. Dextereous says:

    Check for cross-platform sharing “NfcSharing2Win” on google play, thats awesome app for me for now

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