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Apple Defends the $329 Price Tag of the iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is here but some of us are finding it hard to get all that excited when similar tablets cost nearly $100 less. For $199 you can get the Nexus 7, sure it has a smaller screen but it also has a better resolution. You can even get a slightly weaker 7-inch Kindle Fire for just $169. That makes the starting price of $329 just a little hard to swallow.

Not surprisingly, Apple is rushing in to defend the pricing for the iPad Mini. Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller has this to say on the Mini’s behalf:

“The iPad is far and away the most successful product in its category. The most affordable product we’ve made so far was $399 and people were choosing that over those devices,” Schiller said.

“And now you can get a device that’s even more affordable at $329 in this great new form, and I think a lot of customers are going to be very excited about that,” Schiller said.

The big question is whether the extra money is worth it for you, or not. There are several reasons to consider the iPad Mini, but there is one area that probably matters the most, Apple’s iTunes. If you already have spent a good deal into Apple’s platform it might be cheaper to stick with the Mini instead of buying an Android alternative.

For those who have never owned a tablet before and don’t have money spent into the iTunes ecosystem, Android might be a great choice. Sure, some people prefer iOS over Android. Apple’s iOS might also have more apps than Android. To be honest though, most first time tablet owners aren’t really going to know the difference and will likely find Android will meet their needs.

Apple has a solid and worthy product with the iPad Mini, but for some folks it might make more sense to save $50-$100 and go with an Android device. What do you think, are you interested in the iPad Mini or would are you considering Android instead?

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  1. princess: Brianda

    Princess: Brianda I Love Mini Ipad so much I <3 MJ :-* Lol xoxo

  2. i might go for it just for the games, i spent a lot of money on the app store and used to have a nice set of apps on my ipad 2, i already have a galaxy s3, asus transformer pad, and an ipod lookind for a 7″ tab to fill the gap

  3. I don’t allow apple products in my house.

  4. iOS BLOWS AWAY ANY ANDROID DEVICE!!! Had android phones for awhile switched to IPHONE bought a Macbook and today ordered the IPAD 4 and the IPAD Mini and don’t regret it or even think twice about the price Apple charges cause they are well worth it.

  5. There are lousy Android devices on the market. Why do I see Android products as low as $75-80? I love my iOS products and will continue supporting them. Just because I have an iPad doesn’t mean I have to go out and buy an iPad Mini. Don’t you know–the fat guy in the red suit with the white beard–Santa is bringing me an iPad Mini!!!

  6. Eduardo Balbinot

    There are great Android devices in market, so I personally wouldn’t spend more money on an Apple device just because of its brand.

  7. “its expensive because stupid people will buy it anyway” is hardly a defense.

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