Office Space Deal: Limited Edition Swingline Red Stapler for $12

red_stapler-640x640 Office Space Deal: Limited Edition Swingline Red Stapler for $12

“Have you seen my stapler?”

Office Space has to be one of my favorite comedy movies of all time and this is mostly thanks to the unforgettable character of Milton Waddams. Have you seen his stapler? I have and it happens to be on sale for 67% off the regular price.

Technically speaking, it’s the Swingline Limited Edition Series 747 Rio Red Business Stapler (S7074736E), but I’m going to think of it as the Milton Red Stapler. You can use it to staple up to 20 sheets of paper at a time and it has been “re-engineered for incrased strength and streamlined for productivity.” The durable metal body means that you’ll be stapling together TPS for years to come without jamming or failure… unless you decide to work at Chotchkie’s instead.

Yes, you can play your music at a reasonable volume. Yes, we’ll need you to move your desk as far against the wall as possible. And yes, you can have your red Swingline stapler for just $11.99 on Amazon. It qualifies for free shipping too; you just need to top up your order to $25. A perfect gift for Christmas.

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