Dragon Mobile replaces Naunce’s existing Android voice assistant app


dragon-mobile Dragon Mobile replaces Naunce's existing Android voice assistant app

Dragon Go is on its way out the door. Its successor is the new Dragon Mobile Assistant that expands on its predecessor’s voice features and capabilities. The newest version of Naunce’s software brings near Siri-quality features over to Android and is certainly competition for Google Now and Samsung S Voice.

What is so special about this release? It can retrieve information about locations simply by asking for it, look up local businesses, find places to eat and a lot more. Dragon Mobile also has a “Driver Mode” that gives you hands-free control of the app and allows you to wake it by saying “Hi Dragon”.

Text-to-speech functionality also will read all your messages as they arrive. The app is certainly looking pretty darn good, though it does require ICS or Jelly Bean to work.

If the new “Dragon Mobile” sounds interesting to you, check it out now through Google Play. Best of all, this doesn’t cost a thing.

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