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Apple may exchange your brand new iPad 3 with new 4th-gen model

Just a little over a half year after the release of the iPad 3rd generation model, we already have a successor. The 4th gen iPad doesn’t bring tons of changes to the mix but it does have a faster processor and graphics chip, alongside the new Lightning adapter. So you already bought an iPad 3, what do you do? For some of you, an exchange might be possible.

Normally Apple gives you two weeks as a grace period for returning or trading in devices. This isn’t officially changing at Apple but specific Apple Stores seem to be opening up the policy temporarily to cover 30 days. This is likely in response to the grumbling that is already hitting the net from customers than are more than a little agitated at Apple for such a quick device turn around.

While Apple has traditionally waited about a year for refreshes to its major products, the iPad 4th generation was certainly much less than this, with its predecessor only enjoying the limelight for about seven months.

Before bringing your 29 ½ day old iPad back to the store nearest you, it is probably better to call first. The extended return may or may not be in place at your store. If you complain enough to the Apple representatives at the store, it is also possible they might work with you just to shut you up.

For those that have a several month old 3rd-gen iPad? Unfortunately, your only real option for getting into the new one is to attempt to sell your iPad and pay the difference that it takes to move to the newest model.

Any iPad 3rd generation users out there? What do you think of this quick turn around?

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  1. I bought my ipad 3 from US on 4th oct and fly to India on 6th. Recently I came to know that apple has introduce ipad4 one month back. Since I was not following apple closely I came to know it now. I am not happy with apple. I head that Apple is exchanging ipad3 with ipad4 if bought 30 days back, but since I bought it from US I can’t do anything.

  2. call apple, they said i can exchange ipad 3 to ipad 4 if you bought in 3 month…..

  3. i wait for ipad 5, it coing next 3 more months.

  4. i has it for about 6o days, going bad luck when i bought ipad 3, Ipad 5 will coming out 3 month later, wait 3 month later to get ipad 5……inf from HINA

  5. I bought new iPad sat 26oct from Comets. Apple web site did not mention new upgrade.
    Contacted apple to see about the upgrade but they said as I bought from Comets there’s nothing they can do. Thanks Apple

  6. I bought mine a few months ago but never opened it yet… It’s still sealed in the box. What can I do?

  7. I bought the iPad 3 and I’m perfectly happy with it – I can’t see any reason to want the new iPad 4. Mine has a gorgeous display, is fast enough and does all I want it to. Might buy the mini for using on the move and keep the bigger pad for use at home, though.

  8. Keep your IPad if you do not need the extra speed and he lightning adaptor or better wait for the iPad 5, which will get out probably soon after Christmas.

  9. That’s sad but not the end of the world. I replace my iPad 1 with iPad 3 cause there is some big difference. If Apple continue with this marketing strategy…I will probably wait for the iPad 6 or 7 gen ; ) btw I am as crazy as KLAC, got the whole apple story at home too, passing my older apple gadget to my wife and children which still makes them very happy ; )

  10. I will not trade in my iPad 3 for any reason even tho I just bought it in June. I don’t need to keep up with the Jones’. It functions perfectly. The only reason they came out with the new one is for the Christmas gift-giving season when folks go crazy spending $ for everything new. God says to be content with a what we have.

  11. I am kinda pissed at apple, got my ipad ~1 month ago. I dont care about the lightning adapter much but they bumped up the cpu speed >: FOR THE SAME PRICE
    Any chance of me trading it in?

    • It is certainly possible. The best advice we can give is to contact your local Apple Store and explain your problem. Be a bit pushy if you have to — more than likely they will be willing to work something out.

      If not, really the iPad 3rd-gen is a very capable tablet. Still, I understand that it seems crazy to have just bought something only to find out it is already being replaced.

  12. what for? Why should i exchange it? does newest iphone, ipad, ishit is the only thing that makes you valuable individual? What miserable you must be.

  13. i got a iPad 3 less than 2 month ago

  14. I am absolutely furious that Apple refreshed the iPad so soon. I am just reaching the 2 month mark with my 3rd gen iPad and now I feel as if the iPad3 was a stop gap product before Apple launched this latest iPad.

    Over the years I’ve bought almost their entire product line (iPod, iPod nano, iPhone, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, AppleTV), multiple times, but the way things are going, I think I might just take my business elsewhere.

    • If the iPad that you currently have is meeting your needs, why do you feel the need to upgrade? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer.) It doesn’t matter if it is Microsoft Windows, iOS or the latest version of Linux, some people “upgrade” for no reason at all! It never ceases to amaze how a company (ie: the above mentioned) will add little, if any NEW functionality to a product, repackage it, rearrange the already existing functions and send it out the door and then have consumers run out to buy it.

      I must admit that I am a little envious of those who more money then sense. There are times I wish I could get the newest, “latest and greatest” for no other reason that it exists. Alas, my budget does not allow me to do so.

    • I’m with you and I hope millions more out there are too!

      • i believe the only question we should ask is: “why the “new ipad (ipad 3)” is no longer available on theapple store???

  15. Thank you for posting this article. We are calling our nearest Apple Store to see if we can exchange my 25 day old 3rd generation iPad for a 4th generation. If they say no I will be bummed, but honestly my 3rd generation is fabulous as is…just feel slighted they released an even newer version so soon.

  16. I bought my Ipad3 17 days ago at an Apple dealer. Will be there tonight to see if i can retturn and get store credit for the Ipad4. I was burnt by the recent launch of Ipod Touch 5th gen, had bought my son his ipod a week before. So many apple users have warned me about the downfall of owning apple products and this is the biggest one – product line refreshes.

    Bottom line, if I cannot return my Ipad, it will be the last Apple product I buy.

  17. Apple needs to buck up and ensure that those of us who bought the “latest iPad3″ , in my case less than 10 days ago, can return and have the unit exchanged for the new iPad4 not only at Apple stores but also from authorized Apple dealers, without having to pay a restocking fee that in some instances may be 15%. And Apple needs to state this policy firmly…..leaving this to individual stores is crazy and fractures Apple’s consistency in the marketplace with their policies and procedures.

    • I agree with you 100% I wanted to return my almost new ipad 3 and the store I bought it from charges 15% restocking fee.

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