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iPad 2 Will be Phased Out When iPad Mini Arrives, Says One Analyst

With the iPad Mini just around the corner, will Apple continue to push its iPad 2 as a midrange option or will it eventually be phased out altogether?

According to analyst Rob Cihra with Evercore Partners, it seems likely that the end of the iPad 2 is near. Cihra goes on to claim the newest iPad will see around 7 million units in the December quarter, with a total of 26 million units of iPad devices sold including the larger-screen models.

So why no iPad 2? Basically, he thinks that Apple’s vision has clearer tiers drawn in the sand. A 7-inch model – for example – is clearly a lower tear than most 10-inch tablets. Apple tends to have very few options and product ranges and keeping a device that has a different naming scheme than the newest iPad might also technically cause confusion.

It is hard to say if the analyst is right or not. More than likely, the iPad 2 will still be widely available throughout the holiday season but they might start phasing it out for the 2013 year. Do you think Apple should keep three distinct devices – entry, midrange and high-end? Or does it make little sense for Apple to keep the aging iPad 2 around?

Some might argue that the iPad 2 only stuck around this long because of a clear need for something at least somewhat-closer in pricing to low-end devices like the Nexus 7. It also is possible that if Apple plans to release the 7-inch model around $350 and doesn’t want such a close gap between the two model’s pricing.



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