New Acessory Could Add “Smelling Capabilities” to the iPhone Feature List


i-smell-640x360 New Acessory Could Add "Smelling Capabilities" to the iPhone Feature List

Remember back when Mobile Magazine covered a Samsung patent regarding smell and the ability to shoot perfume? Apparently Samsung isn’t the only one that is looking into such an option, now the Chaku Perfume Company is preparing its own “ChatPerf” accessory for use on the iPhone.

The idea is that you can send one fragrance through a phone over to someone else. This is actually really interesting– sending virtual smells is something new, but how useful or practical is it in reality? Not much. First, you can only ‘store’ one smell at a time and it is quite expensive, with a target price of $63.

I like the idea but I can’t imagine anyone buying this… plus you’d have to make sure that you and all your friends had this accessory for it to really hold any real purpose. What do you think, interesting or really pointless?

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