Electric Bike Charges Battery Through Pedaling, Has No Chain as Well

The Footlose from Mando takes a very unique approach when it comes to creating an electric bike. While most of these type of bikes simply have a basic battery that dies and then requires you to revert to pedaling, the Footlose thinks differently. Yes, it still has pedals. Sure, the battery still dies. What is so different? Once you start pedaling, it starts charging up the battery so you can use it again. It also manages to do away with a traditional chain and gear system.

This Mando bike is also extremely light and can fold down into a very small form factor for easy storing. The bike is expected to arrive in the European market next year. There is no news of a North American launch– this isn’t surprising, as these kinds of bikes aren’t all that popular here, though they aren’t entirely unseen.

The Footloose not only can charge up through pedal power but it can also go up to 19 miles on single charge. This is a really unique idea, and I wish something similar to this would come to the United States. This would be great for short commutes around town.

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